Do you ever remember what a great time you had at a party or event purely because of the music? Sometimes you go out to these because perhaps they are family occasions and you have to, when really you do not feel at all in the mood. Then three hours later your favourite anthem is being played by the band and you are playing air guitar whilst standing on the table! It’s why music choice is so important when organising an event.

Creating the Right ‘Vibe’:

Professional Event Organisers should be perfectly aware of the impact of the correct entertainment. That is why so much effort goes into getting the right act for the occasion. It reminds me of the scenes in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights where they used to audition the acts (who were usually either bizarre or awful) and groan into their hands at the quality. The type of event will influence the type of entertainment or band. With hiring bands or musicians, you have the additional decision of what type of music do you want. Is it a sedate, quiet occasion, or do you want heavy metal thrash – it comes down to your audience, but it must be relevant.

We Will Rock You – Why Getting That Music Right Is So Important

It’s the difference between a Success and a Failure:

When we go to these things we all judge them, and compare them to our other experiences of events. It is human nature to do so. Music is something that can touch us on an emotional level, and it can leave us with great memories of things that we have done and places that we have been. A good band selection will have guests on their feet dancing or singing along. If the entertainment is not up to par, then an organiser risks having their guests make their excuses and leave early.

Research is Key:

Finding good bands for hire or an act is not an easy thing to do. The best approach is to know what sort of atmosphere you are going for and go and do some research. Speak to people you know and pick their brains about events that they have been to and bands that they have seen. Word of mouth and reviews from other people are good indicators that you are on the right track. Speak to professionals at agencies about your requirements and they are always happy to give you advice and suggest relevant bands for you.

So next time you plan a party, wedding or event, remember the importance of the tunes. It could make all the difference to your occasion and when done right will be the topic of conversations for many moons to come.

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