The 2013 Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars held at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa in Acme, Michigan. According to a reliable source, several top industry analysts and leaders expressed some valuable information and news in the four-day conference. In the seminar, near about 75 speakers discussed a wide range of topics including recovery of auto industry, current trend of Michigan to buy concept cars and electric vehicles and many more.
2013 CAR MBSMajority of participants in the conference are a part of the automotive industry. They expressed their views about the alternative fuel vehicles. In order to acquire the standards of 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy most of the auto suppliers and automakers are adopting various exclusive routes. It became clear from a discussion that took place between Toyota Motor Corp., Volkswagen, Chrysler Group LLC, and the US Environmental Protection Agency regarding their latest power train plans.
Vice president of Chrysler Group, Bob Lee informed that their company is working on progress the conventional gasoline engine and developing technologies for new engine that include advanced transmission, diesel engine and other components instead to focusing on market, which is supposed to stay under 5% of the entire industry in 2025. It is informed that the statement of Lee almost resembled the remark of Sergio Marchionne, the chairperson and CEO of Chrysler made in the first part of the year.
Several companies offering connectivity were also present in the conference. Continental and Cisco Systems Inc. declared an interesting fact on Monday. They stated that in order to allow the drivers to remain connected on the road, the two companies revealed a combined proof-of-concept connected vehicle that is equipped with seamless technology and is also highly secure.
Some graduate students of Clemson University disclosed a concept of next generation vehicle that was generated utilizing the techniques of origami with sheet metal. They engineered and conceived the hybrid Mazda concept vehicle named as Deep Orange 3 that features a new configuration of six-seats sports car, an exclusive hybrid power train that select automatically the mode of driving.
On Tuesday, Volkswagen declared that they would offer a new diesel engine on vehicles on the next year. General Manager of energy and environmental office of Volkswagen Group of America, Oliver Schmidt stated that the engine is supposed to replace all the 2.0-liter TDI Clean Diesel engines in Volkswagen and Audi diesel models.
It is noteworthy that several political personalities including Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder attended the seminar. They discussed on several topics including Detroit’s bankruptcy filing, economic turnaround of the US auto industry and many more.
Most of the companies attended in the seminar focused on changing relationship of the automakers and their suppliers. They also try to develop new methods to train their employees. Chrysler Group has announced their plans to expand their manufacturing efforts in Mexico and Michigan this year.
Moreover, the automakers are using several materials including aluminum and lightweight NanoSteel to produce lightweight body of the vehicles. It is reported that the automotive industry of the US is on pace for its best sale since 2007. Experts expected that the sales would reach 15.5-16 million this year. Dan Amman, the Executive vice president and Chief Financial officer of GM unveiled the image of mid-size pickups during the presentation on Thursday and announced that the vehicles are expected to launch in the market in the next year.

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