The English weather will never let you down; you can guarantee rain at some point in any month of the year! With winter approaching you can add in plummeting temperatures, high winds and snow. With a bewildering choice of winter coats, jackets and trousers available, not forgetting cheap disposable clothing from many high street chains now, it is more important than ever to have a basic understanding of what you are buying.

Weatherproof clothing, often described as rainproof, what exactly does that mean? The main difference between water resistant and waterproof is the water resistant products can withstand wet weather in the form of light short showers but can withstand a prolonged or repeated downpours, waterproof products can.  Due to investigations on the accuracy of marketing and labelling of products, only a very small percentage of products are now deemed waterproof.

What Is The Difference Between Rain Proof And Waterproof And Why Should You Care?

Waterproofing is usually expressed in mm or static head. A casual day tent is around 1200mm of waterproofing which generally means light summer showers for one summer, the following summer it may well need chemical treatment to keep it waterproof.
All very interesting, when you consider that Kozi Kidz have a minimum static head of 2000 and stopping at 5000mm of waterproofing it is very clear that no chemical treatment would be necessary and the waterproofing is a permanent feature of each and every garment. This makes all Kozi Kds products ideal for everyday use, heavy winter weather, snow sports and the all-important school run.

To keep the children warm and dry is setting them up for better days at school, better play time and less stress for the parents.
When compared to the huge selection of quality clothing that is deemed waterproof Kozi Kidz products are pound for pound head and shoulders above the competition. Kozi kidz are now dominating the kids market for outdoor clothing because they offer the best value for money, the products really work with proven technology, offer unsurpassed waterproofing, windproof and breathable.

The real trick of course is to make a jacket that is 5000mm waterproof with taped seams, snow skirts, and fleece lined pockets and fully lined hoods and then make it breathable. This is where your mass produced high street chains claim to weather proof garments going for a song falls down and the money saved is wasted as the child wearing the coat will take it off as they literally over heat and sweat in it, spoiling their activity, making them cranky and probably ensuring that they do not like to wear it anymore.
Two items of clothing should never really be sacrificed for the sake of a few pounds, shoes and good quality outerwear that can with stand our wonderful changing seasons. In the Uk the message should be very clear, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing, next time you think of buying that cheap fashion lead “weatherproof” jacket consider giving kozi kidz a look. The first time they wear it in bad weather you will be very much glad you did.

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