Like sports, where playing games or any athletic activity is an exercise, training the body solely for developing musculature is what we call body building. The one who engages in building his muscles is called body builder. It is a process of developing one’s body muscles with extensive exercises, high calorie diet with adequate amount of rest. This process of developing muscles then became a sport wherein the athletes display their body to the judges and get rewarded for their masculine appearance. This was a sport earlier and by 21st century, it became a lifestyle to attract attention and to live a luxurious life. It is not easy to develop a musculature appearance. It requires a lot of strength from within and a good diet. This diet involves frequent meals with a balanced nutrition. The food should contain 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 20% good fats.

Body Building Can Be Easy With This Miracle Drug

Steroids are also used in Body building. These steroids help in muscle growth, red blood cell production, bone model and good appetite. Though they have few side effects, one cannot get the best body structure without the steroids. There are different steroids for men and women. The steroids that work for men do not work the same for women.

Types Of Steroids

There are many types of steroids like cheap steroids, bulking steroids, Doctor prescribed steroids etc. These steroids are usually taken in the form of injections, or orally. Oral steroids are popular today because get digested and removed from the body quickly and makes drug detection difficult. Some of the oral steroids are Anavar, Anadrol and many others. Though the athletes know the ill effects of the steroids they still consume them to perform well and for their muscle development.

Another popular steroid is the Stanozolol or Winstrol. This comes as aqueous solution or in the oral tablet form. This steroid is mainly used to cut fat out of the body and get a lean body mass. This steroid helps in body metabolism and removes out excess fat from the body thus keeping the muscles lean and hard. The injection type steroid has the Stanozolol aqueous solution which can be injected into the body every day and the results are visible in 2 weeks. It is better to get knowledge on the dosage of the solution. Beginners who are male can take only 50 mg of steroid in injectable form or 25 mg if it’s taken orally. Women should take not more than 10 mg of the steroid to avoid infertility and excess hair growth.

Side Effects Of Steroids

Excessive use of these steroids can lead to increase in the bodily hair, low sperm count, baldness and anxiety. Though the Winstrol or Stanozolol is mild compared to other steroids, the users still end up in suffering from side effects. The side effects vary between male and female. The men suffer from decreased sperm count and decreased sex drive. They also suffer from reduced androgen secretion and cardiovascular disease. The steroid when taken as a Stanozolol aqueous solution can have a direct effect on the blood carrying arteries thus affecting the left ventricle. Steroids when taken in less dosages along with adequate rest, exercise and diet can lead to a competition ready body.