Planning a honeymoon is the organizing of a dream holiday to be taken once in a lifetime.
The magical time after getting married is about relaxing, having fun, discovering the world and gaining some wonderful memories.
For those who are looking for somewhere exotic to spend their first few days or weeks as a married couple, there are some popular destinations which are a combination of new cultural experiences, beautiful scenery and places to take in the smells and sounds of different lifestyles.
One of the most popular places to honeymoon is Thailand; an amazing destination to try new foods, experience a different language and see some unique sights. The bungalow beaches of this country give privacy within a stunning sea edge position and the crashing of the waves lull newlywed couples to sleep each night.

For those who want to experience the magic and majesty of wildlife, Kenya can fulfil all this and more. Staying in a safari range in a luxury cabin will give the feeling of being in a jungle but with the luxury of a 5 star hotel. Joining the experienced guides and rangers on the daily trips, guests will have the breathtaking opportunity to see big game such as lions and elephants in their natural habitat.
For anyone wanting to take their honeymoon at any time of the year and knowing they will have a temperate climate on arrival, Aruba is a great choice. There are seven miles of white sand beach to relax and take a cooling cocktail on and the snorkelling facilities are among the best in the world.
If seclusion is desired, then a visit to the Cook Islands would certainly be top of the list. There are some stunning beach resorts, which offer a real feeling of being away from the rest of the world.
Part of the planning of the honeymoon is taking into account the cost when deciding on a wedding budget. Some couples may want to save for it when they are planning the ceremony and the reception, but others may want to see it as a separate cost. For those who take this direction, there are finance companies such as SGE Loans who can look to offer the funds to enable the couple to realize their dream holiday at the same time as knowing it will then be an easy to make monthly payment after they return.
Other top destinations include New Zealand, Greece and Florida and currently the most popular place to visit on a honeymoon is Hawaii with its great beaches, but wherever the destination is, the most important thing is that it is an amazing experience for both people. Friendly companies such as SGE Loans can help to make that happen if the couple have decided to keep it as a separate cost from the overall wedding budget. Whether they spend their days together in this time zone or another across the globe, they know that they are going to come home with an album of amazing photographs which they can treasure together for the rest of their lives.

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