Your semi is a heavy-duty truck that needs to be able to haul loads over long stretches of road and deal with all kinds of weather. Maintaining a semi properly can help it meet any professional challenges you might face when those highways are ahead of you. Here are just five essential care tips for your semi

Check the Fuel Vent

This is part of a checklist you should perform if your semi sits somewhere for a long time before you get on the road again. Strange things or debris can build up in the fuel vent when the semi is stationary for a long period. Some insects may even build nests in this area. Blockages in the fuel vent can throw off your fuel readings and negatively impact engine performance if left unresolved.

Give Moving Parts Attention

Your semi has many moving parts, and each one of them needs some care. Although oiling or greasing all of the moving parts can be a time-consuming process, it is a good step to take and one that you can do yourself. Giving these pieces some care can help the various parts of your semi last longer and require less overall maintenance.

Replace the Headlamps

Headlamps at the very top of your semi can provide additional illumination that backs up the standard headlights on the front of the vehicle. These lights may help you cut through fog, rain, or other conditions that result in low visibility when you are driving. You can take a look at products such as a Scania left-hand headlamp that may work for the make and model of the semi you drive.

Inspect the Batteries

Getting a reading on battery life before you set out is important. However, you should also do a visual inspection of battery connections to make sure they are still tight and free of any corrosion. Batteries are amazing, but they aren’t the greatest at giving you early warnings if something is wrong.

Control the Cooling System

The cooling control system is a good thing for both your semi and you. It will keep you comfortable during a long drive and help to keep the truck’s parts in good condition. Consider flushing the entire system to rid it of accumulated dirt and other things that might affect it.

Semis are in use across the country every day to haul loads from a hundred different industries and keep things moving. With just a little care and attention, you can make sure that your rig is always in top shape and ready to take care of you and your shipments on the open road. Don’t forget to check the oil within the suggested service intervals for your vehicle.

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