Road trip season is upon us, and you need to make your vehicle as road-worthy and comfortable as possible. Worn-out or poor quality tires not only make for a bumpy ride, but they can also be dangerous. Consider upgrading your tires for better performance, better traction, and excellent cornering, as well as for safety. While a tire upgrade isn’t cheap, it’s well worth it for the comfort and safety it will provide you and your family. Let’s take a look at four types of performance tires to make your travels safe and comfortable.

Ultra High-Performance Tires

This type of tire is also referred to as an extreme performance tire. This is what you want if you are a true sports car enthusiast. These tires are designed for tight cornering, and also provide excellent traction on both wet and dry roads. This type of tire puts traction, steering response, and handling front and center. They are recommended for summer use only, which makes them great if you spend your summers up in the mountains, charging around switchback roads.

High-Performance Tires

High-performance tires are an excellent choice for both wet and dry surfaces. These tires have a wider sidewall as well as a longer tread life than the ultra-high-performance tires. High-performance tires are also very good for fuel-efficiency. Both ultra-high-performance and high-performance tires are manufactured with a low-rubber compound that sticks to the road. This compound is also stiff and heat resistant, making for a durable tire.

Grand Touring Summer Tires

Grand touring summer tires are often used in luxury sedans and sports cars. Despite the name, they are suitable for all seasons, except for extreme winter weather; these tires are not meant to be driven in snow or icy road conditions. These tires are designed for reliable, all-season traction, good wet and dry handling, ultimately delivering a well-balanced level of performance. Grand touring summer tires also reduce noise, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Tire dealers in moderate climates find these to be best-sellers year-round.

Off-Road Tires

If your passion is taking the 4×4 out for a run, you’ll need off-road tires. Off-road tires are built tough enough to tackle rocks, and bite into mud and sand. The deep, specifically designed treads and reinforced sidewalls will take you safely off the beaten path. However, they have less grip on the highway, and they deliver reduced fuel efficiency.

There are a large variety of options for those looking to upgrade their tires. However, you’ll want to consider your plans for the vehicle, otherwise you’ll end up upgrading for the wrong conditions. 

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