A fleet of company trucks can be a major investment, and you need to do everything in your power to ensure that those vehicles remain clean and properly maintained. Setting up a base for your commercial vehicles is going to be the most cost-effective way to protect your trucks from a variety of expensive problems.

Sheltered Parking

The elements are going to take a toll on your vehicles, and that is why you should consider building some type of sheltered parking area. A covered parking area will preserve their paint by limiting their exposure to direct sunlight, rain, and hail. A covering is also going to protect the tires and rubber gaskets from harsh UV rays. If you can’t afford to build a covered structure, then you might want to invest in canvas canopies.

Fuel Station

You probably won’t need to build a fuel station if you only have one or two vehicles, but installing a tank and some pumps might become a wise financial decision once you have a fleet of five or more vehicles. Owning a company fuel station could save you money in the long run, and your employees are going to spend less time locating gas stations and waiting in line at the pumps. Luckily, on-site fuel tanks are relatively affordable, and your fuel station could be up and running in a matter of weeks.

Garage for Repairs

A well-stocked garage is going to be another great investment as your fleet continues to grow. The garage will allow you to quickly carry out repairs and get your vehicles back out on the road when minor mechanical issues occur. You will also have a safe place to store your spare parts whenever you buy fuel injection parts or stock up on fluids.

Cleaning Station

Your trucks could be seen by thousands of people every day, and you want to be sure that they accurately represent your company. A cleaning station can easily be added to your covered parking area, and all you will need is a few basic supplies and a source of water. Hiring a mobile cleaning company might be a great option as well, but those services can get expensive for larger fleets.

Even if you or some of your staff know quite a bit about vehicles, you should still consider hiring a full-time maintenance team once you have more than a handful of company vehicles. Commercial trucks must stand up to an incredible amount of wear and tear, and your mechanics are going to keep those vehicles running smoothly for years.

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