Sedans rank among the most popular types of cars in the U.S. Sedans are identified by size, shape and style. A sedan is the choice of young and old alike. This is due to the fact that a sedan appeals to personal preferences of car buyers.

Differences Between Types of Sedans

Sedan sizes include subcompact, compact, luxury compact, mid size, luxury mid size, large and ultra luxury.

In terms of sedan shape, most sedans are designed with two and three “box” shapes and up to four pillars that are supports around sedan windows. In a three-box sedan configuration, it includes separate compartments for passenger, engine and cargo.

Automotive engineers design sedan styles with either two door or four door models. The 2018 Toyota Camry is an example of a two door model.

Five Differences Between Types of Sedans

There are five differences in types of sedans. These include hatchback, notchback/liftback, sports sedan, luxury and convertible.

Hatchback Sedan

As the name implies for this sedan, the major feature is the rear door on these vehicles. On most models of hatchback sedans, the door opens upward.

On other models, however, the door may open to the left or right horizontally. These vehicles are usually small to mid size. Such as the Honda Accord or the Mazda 3.


The design of a notchback sedan is identified by the fact that the rear of the car is shorter than the front section. These are seen on some Audi sedans and also on the Chevrolet Camaro. The rear door lifts up and back for storage. This is a great way for you to utilize all of the space in a sedan without having to have a bigger bulkier car than you want.

Sports Sedan

Sports sedans are most popular with drivers who prefer a casual sporty look in their vehicles. These types of sedans are usually small to mid size. The sports sedan’s engine is designed for high performance and higher speeds on open roads. The GenesisG70 is an example of a sports sedan found at Genesis of Henderson. There are many sports sedans that are great for work and leisure.

Luxury Sedans

Luxury sedans appeal to drivers who place emphasis on highest quality engineering and performance. They may be mid size up to ultra luxury sizes. They are equipped with numerous driving accessories and luxury conveniences. These include the Kia 2020 K900, Lexus 2020 UX and Lexus ES 350 as well as BMW, Porsche and Mercedes.

Convertible Sedans

Sedan convertibles have one very distinct feature: the roof of these cars convert to open top vehicles. Most of these sedans like the Ford Mustang and the 2020 BMW Z4 are mid size and have a sporty look when the top is down and convert to a luxury look when the top is closed.

There is much to consider when buying a sedan such as how frequently it is driven, the type of traffic encountered on a daily basis and number of regular passengers. Shape, size and style all play an important role in conjunction with these considerations.

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