Medical records can be hard to keep up with, especially if you have a large family. You may question when your son’s next round of boosters are due or when you need to follow up with the doctor over a health condition. Regardless, having easy access to personal medical records can make caring for yourself and your family a breeze. The following are just five great mobile apps you can use to track your personal medical records.

My Medical – $3.99

My Medical is an advanced medical records app that makes it easy to keep thorough medical records for you and your family. With autocompletion, the app makes it easy to type in medical information without having to look up the spellings. You can also attach photos of x-rays and other necessary files. There’s space in the app for information on health insurance, doctors, and emergency contacts. You can even email your complete record, or part of it, as necessary.

My Life Record – FREE

My Life Record is similar to the My Medical app, but doesn’t have as many bells and whistles. However, it is free to download and use. You can keep a complete medical history on file and email it to your doctor as necessary. This cuts down on the wait time in an office setting.

My Health Record Keeper – FREE

The purpose of this free app is to make it easier to keep up with when medical tasks need to be done. For example, you can track when your son needs his next tetanus boost or when your prescription needs to be refilled. You’ll even get information on recommended screenings based on your age and sex.

Capzule PHR – Your Personal Health Record – $4.99

Capzule PHR is an app that allows you to create medical records that track medications, appointments, allergies, and much more. At a price of $4.99, the app may seem expensive, the but information is accessible over cloud storage and allows you to export data to your computer as needed. You can even create line graphs based on vitals and lab work.

E-Mergency Personal Medical Records System – FREE

This app is free to download, but costs $8.95 a month to use, plus a one-time fee to setup each additional user. The purpose of this app is to allow anyone in the family to access their medical history in the time of an emergency. In other words, if you’re not there when your husband gets taken to the hospital, he’ll still be able to access his medical records from the cloud. It’s a great app for families to use.

Do you have all your medical information in one easy to find location? If not, it’s time you downloaded one of these apps. Take charge and have the information you need, when you need it. Can’t find an app you really like? Maybe it’s time for you to find your job now in the health tech field so you can create your own!

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