With monsoons started, we would all love to have something hot for the evening snacks. Also, with the changing season we face a lot of uneasiness in health such as cold, cough and fever. While your taste buds are totally dead, and the weather seems so sooth because of the rains we wish to have some tasty and hot snacks for the evening. So what could be the perfect evening snack keeping the weather and the health in mind? The answer is a big fat bowl of soup.

Chinese happens to be everybody’s favourite. And soup happens to be an excellent appetiser as well. Now making soup is probably one of the easiest things to prepare when it comes to Chinese cuisine. You could go ahead and have a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian soup that is up to your will. All you have to do is pick out what soup you wish to prepare. So, today I am going with the manchow soup.

Prepare The Tasty and Tangy Vegetable Manchow Soup

The people who choose to have a manchow soup look at it as a delightful Indo-Chinese soup giving your taste buds exactly the kind of spice one looks forward to. The soup has an extra X factor that is added by the crunchy deep fried crispy noodles. You could imagine the taste this little garnish gives to the soup. Along with taste there is a generous amount of nutritious vegetables like cabbage, carrots, spring onions, etc. that are sautéed with Chinese sauces and vegetable stock that is thickened with the use of corn flour.

The reason I am choosing vegetable manchow soup is that it has all these vegetables in the form of tasty soup that you kids will not be able to resist. It is healthier and for all the mothers out there it is easier to make your kids have something tasty and nutritious. All you have to do is spare 20-25 minutes for the preparation time and another 20-30 minutes for the cooking time.

The manchow soup uses plenty of vegetables as its ingredients including chopped cabbage, carrots, button mushrooms, Chinese black mushrooms, green vegetables like chopped cabbage, spring onions, bamboo shoot ( for the tangy taste and odour),  and some deep fried noodles. So it makes perfect blend of taste and health all together.

The manchow souphas basically originated in India. It is also called the desi Chinese soup because of its tangy and hot flavours. We Indians love when our food is spicy and hence the improvisation in the Chinese soup which is otherwise quite bland in comparison to the authentic Chinese. And when it comes to recovery from our sickness bed, something spicy always does the work.

So, now if this manchow soup has already gotten your mouth watering then you have to prepare this soup immediately. You could also look up the internet as it has a ton of recipes to how to make vegetable manchow soup.

This soup is definitely going to be loved by one and all at your home. So, don’t waste your time another minute and immediately get on board with your cooking skills.