Gray hair usually a cosmetic problem for most people, it even be more common than we think; although many accept them without problems, another large group does not like much the idea.

According to science, gray hair is a sign indicating the age in people, nevertheless, they can occur prematurely, that is where people do not see with good eyes. Although they tend to be indicators of age, also they come to appear before 30 years because of the stress experienced by people who suffer, another factor that influences its appearance is genetic.

It is clear that the gray hairs do not indicate health problems, is explained only by decreasing melanin, which is responsible for providing color to our hair. Many people often resort to dyes, however, we recommend you not use this method, but resorting to natural remedies, which can be more effective and healthy for our scalp and hair.

Rosemary and Tea Tree Oil

The use of both with respect to the gray should be completely merged, taking into account that they will help us in the non-appearance of gray hair. Therefore, we should use them before they appear in our hair; it is recommended to do so from the 25 years or so; the idea is that melanin does not lose strength and hold for longer providing color to the hair.

The idea is to prepare an infusion, Once you have prepared the package place it in a suitable container, preferably of plastic and spray; for as we bathe normally, we rinse it once we shampoo hair sprinkles with the mixture. It is recommended to use at least three times a week.

Potato Juice

When we talk about the juice of potatoes we refer to water we can get from the shells of this famous tuber, it is widely known by all the nutrients reaching the hair portal also is a very good alternative to darken naturally.

Besides combat and prevent gray hair, potato juice very good way strengthens all fibers that make up hair, giving more volume and giving it a very rich tone. It is recommended to use at least twice a week, however, its use can be daily.

Rosemary and Sage

Again, we talk rosemary, no doubt, a perfect place to prevent the appearance of annoying and unsightly gray ingredient; this time will join its properties with those of sage. The combination of these, apart from preventing graying hair also favor in other ways, for example, its application gives more shine and vitality also strengthens it, preventing it from falling over.

The idea is to prepare an infusion with the two ingredients together, once finished pack it in a container with sprayer. To use it, we’ll do like the mixture of rosemary and Tea Tree Oil; we bathe, we use the shampoo and rinse it once we sprinkle with the mixture.

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