The health care industry is a booming field, as the demand for medical care is predicted to increase by nearly 6 percent by the year 2020. As the nation’s need for medical care increases, the need for health care professionals also increases.

Moreover, the need for medical diversity is increasing, for many people are interested in private health care, medical care or advice for specific needs, or wellness coaches. While hospitals and urgent care facilities can provide the majority of people with care, with the changes in health care policies, many hospitals and other public health care options are impacted, which has actually helped create opportunities for private health care businesses.

5 Health Care Businesses To Start Today

Should you be interested in running and owning a health care business, here are the 5 areas that have the potential to be widely successful:

  1. In-Home Medical Care

Many elderly patients or severely ill patients need or want in-home medical care. There is an ever-pressing need for medical specialists who are educated in the medical field and have the desire to care for people outside of a medical facility.

This type of medical care can be anywhere from hourly care to full-time care, depending upon the needs of the patient. Moreover, this type of business can easily be started as a solo venture. Once business picks up, you can expand by hiring other health care professionals. By networking with hospitals and doctor’s offices and using healthcare software like Procura, you can stay organized while growing your business.

  1. Health and Nutrition Consultant

With the increasing epidemic of obesity and diet-related health concerns, more and more people recognize the importance of health and nutrition. Whether people are looking to lose weight or just to be healthier, many need the counsel of a certified dietician or nutritionist. While some people have success at weight loss by starting an exercise regimen and making healthier food choices, many others have trouble getting their body to respond properly. From food allergies to metabolism issues, there are plenty of reasons why someone needs specialized attention from a nutritionist.

For those who have a background in nutrition or are a certified dietician, owning and operating a health and nutrition business could be profitable venture. One of the main benefits about being a nutritionist or dietitian is that the business opportunities are endless. You can open an office, contract to nursing homes and health clubs, create a website and offer your services virtually, speak at conferences, and even develop your own program.

  1. Medical Sales

With the growth in medical technology, there is a need for medical sales reps. Whether you are offering your services virtually or in a physical store, you are offering products that health facilities and/or private parties need. It is a competitive market, making it a desirable area for shrewd business men and women.

  1. Child Birth Clinic

If you have any background in childcare, early child development, or child birth education, opening a facility to expectant moms offering the tools and services they need to survive pregnancy has the ability to be a successful business. Though there is a wide variety of information online, many first-time moms want the personal one-on-one connection when it comes to learning about their child.

Many expectant moms want to attend classes, seminars, and support groups in order to better learn how to care for their child. Try networking with hospitals in the area, as many hospitals work with independent businesses to better provide care for their patients.

  1. Medical App

The app industry has not slowed down since its introduction a few years back. With the majority of the public owning a smartphone or tablet, there is a need for medical apps. Whether you are looking to write an independent app or team up with a hospital or website in order to write an app that caters to their specific needs, there is a target market for medial apps. If developed properly and priced correctly, the app could be extremely profitable.

The health industry is expected to increase rather than decrease, and capitalizing on a booming market by offering a business solution to a health need can easily lead you to business success.

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