Athletes need to follow a strict balanced diet that includes protein, calcium, and carbohydrate. Most of them unknowingly take a lot of calories from packaged foods and start gaining weight. Also, it is important to take the right food in right quantity to stay fit and active for the long run. Nowadays, people rely on instant food, protein bars, packaged juice which all come with added preservative. Vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrate are all essential elements that promote good health and it’s always better to take it from the real food like pure vegetables and fruits. Follow these five items to include in your diet and you will get whatever your body requires for better running and good health.

Add whole grains in your plate: Nothing can be a better source of nutrients than whole grains like beans, tree nuts, oats, barley, quinoa, and rice. They are rich in protein and fiber to provide you adequate energy and stamina. It stabilizes blood sugar and lowers cholesterol as well. Studies have shown that whole grains also contain essential minerals for body and bio active contents that act as antioxidants. Adding whole grains to your daily diet also lowers the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Fruits and vegetable: A plethora of benefits that fruits and vegetables offer are known to everyone. It supplies adequate protein, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates that our body requires to fuel your running. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that health and wellness products often use various fruits and vegetables within their supplements, such as these mushroom capsules for example. Doctors recommend colorful fruits like pomegranate, orange, strawberry, guava, apple more. These fruits also reduce the chances of chronic disease like cancer, heart disease, and cataract. These colorful fruits also help cure inflammation caused during exercise. According to a renowned athlete ,William Schoellkopf, runners need stamina and strength to increase their speed and that’s why they must include fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.

Plant food and its skin: Ditch your peeler. From apricot to apple to beans and zucchini’s outer layer contains phytochemicals that promote good health. For example, grape skin contains resveratrol and onion skin contains quercetin and both boost immunity and lowers the risk of colon cancer and heart problem. Studies indicate that fiber from vegetable and fruit skin blocks consumption of calorie and that’s why those who include vegetables and fruits in their daily diet are in proper shape.

Add dairy products: Dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, and kefir are rich in calcium that promotes strong bone. To curb the chances of low bone density and osteoporosis which are common specially among the athletes, you must include dairy products in your staple diet. Besides promoting strong bone it also supplies protein and strengthens body’s immunity. Researchers have proven that daily dose of dairy products lowers blood pressure.

Seafood: Fish and other seafood supply some essential nutrients that boost our immunity and it is important to athletes as they are rich in minerals. Zinc, chromium, copper, omega-3 fats which must be included in a runner’s diet are fund in seafood. According to William Schoellkopf,young athletes must include any fish item in their regular diet even if they take adequate animal protein.

Ample of researchers have also proven that vegetarian diet can also be effective only if you know the right quantity for your body. To get the better result, you can contact any dietitian who can tell you what to eat after measuring your body weight.

Author Bio: William Schoellkopf has been following a strict diet and that’s why he is still so fit and active in life. He recently started writing his columns where he mentions about foods and their food value. To know more visit his new recipes photos.

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