Page Position – what makes it so important?

In Adwords, you’ll find a lot of factors that need to be carefully weighed and implemented if a business is to effectively compete let alone succeed online. One such factor is “page position” and in this piece we’ll tackle why its important and how you can go about improving your page position.

Now there are a lot of reasons for marketers to raise their Adwords page position but at the end of the day it all boils down to one thing – more traffic. The better your chances of displaying your ads in front of people, the more opportunities to make a sale which means more money in your pocket.

Increasing Page Position In Google Adwords

So how do you go About Improving your Page Position in Google Adwords?

Reputable web marketing agencies like “Think Big Online” often recommend that if you want to raise your page position in the advertising platform, you’ve got to work on your ad quality score. Think of it as a scoring system that Google uses to figure out just how relevant are your ads and a primary benchmark that determines page position. A high quality score also lowers CPC (cost-per-click) which reduces your marketing expenses.

Now in order to raise your Adwords quality score, it goes without saying that you have to shape your campaign as something relevant to whatever products or services that you are selling. Seems simple enough and yet this is something that so many businesses tend to overlook. To explain this better, you don’t want to be targeting keywords like “pest control” if your ad says “bin hire services” unless you’re offering something that is at all related to controlling pests in homes or commercial establishments. You’ll find that the less relevant your keywords are, the higher your cost per click and your ads will ultimately be limited to a low page position. Another factor that may also affect your quality score is the history of your marketing campaign. Let’s say you’re using Adwords to pull traffic to a certain landing page that you’ve used before with very poor results; Google remembers this and you’re better off starting a campaign on a new landing page.

Outbidding Strategy

Yet another method for raising your Adwords page position is the so called “pay over” strategy although it’s not something that most experts would recommend. However if you have the cash to burn and desperate for a higher page position then it’s a strategy that is well worth considering.

Simply put, you’ll be outbidding your competitors for keywords that you’ve found to be highly profitable. The idea is to exceed the highest rate; it’s a lot to ask for but so long as you’re doing it on the right keywords then it’ll let you accomplish 3 important things:

  • Obtain the top page position for your ads
  • Increase the cost of your competitors
  • Make it difficult for your competitors to keep up with you

Over time, many of your competitors might drop the keywords altogether reducing the highest bid cost and you can adjust your spending accordingly while maintaining a high page position.

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