It is often said that WordPress is really incredible for both personal and business use. In this case, it is highly advisable that we use WordPress for our website. This will incredibly save us both money and time. In fact, WordPress is mature enough that building a beautiful website can be performed with only a few clicks. There are nearly 100 million websites built using the WordPress technology and it is important for people who are using the old HTML and plain PHP websites to make a transition. Here are benefits of WordPress for small businesses:

  1. Incredible power: Instantly upon installing the CMS, we will have an immense power in managing our website and making it much more versatile. The basic features are very easy to use. We could add, edit and delete content. Videos, images and other additional content can be easily embedded into our posts. We may also implement the User Access procedure, so we are able to define the access level. There are many ways we could do manage any aspect of our website.
  2. Thousands of themes: There thousands of available themes that we can choose freely. We don’t need to spend $1,000s on custom design. The biggest concern with using free themes is that they have been used by other people. However, this concern only applies when there are very few available themes for WordPress. When we use a WordPress theme, it is quite unlikely that people will recognize the design, because there are thousands of available themes. Customizing these themes is easy enough. We could start by incorporating little chances and we will become more proficient in adding more changes.
  3. Thousands of plugins: WordPress is incredibly versatile and its features can be extended with thousands of available plugins. These plugins can be installed to transform a WordPress-based website. As an example, we could easily add shopping cart and credit card processing plugins to create an e-commerce website. The layout of the website could also be changed, so it will become more appropriate for online shopping purposes. Best of all, these plugins are completely free and we don’t need to hire software engineers to add features in our website.
  4. It is entirely open source: WordPress is completely open source. We could freely customize themes and plugins by opening its source code. We could even open the core of the WordPress CMS itself to customize the engine based on our unique requirements. If we don’t have the capability to perform changes, we could hire developers to perform complete overhaul on the latest WordPress version so it will become unique and more focused on our business requirements.
  5. It is well optimized for SEO purposes: WordPress is completely SEO friendly and it has been optimized to rank better in search engine results. As an example, we could enable the search engine-friendly URL and edit meta tags for each pages. There are also hundreds of plugins designed to fully improve the SEO performance of our website. WordPress developers take SEO really seriously and the platform strictly adheres to SEO best practices.
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