Testosterone is a hormone which is found in both men and women. The quantity in which it is produced in both is different. It is produced in a very small quantity in women whereas its quantity is more in men. In women it is produced in the ovaries but since it is in a very small quantity it does not have a lot of effect on them but in men it plays a vital.Its productions starts during the age of puberty and by the time a man becomes 30 or more it starts to decrease. This hormone plays a very important part in sperm production and can be tested by a simple blood test. It not only effects the sperm count but also the bones and the muscle mass. The fatty cells and the red blood cells are also affected by this hormone. All this shows how important this hormone is for men. So imagine how one would feel if the level of this hormone decreases in a body.

Reasons Of Low Level Of Testosterone

When testosterone decreases in a body it has a very bad effect on a man life as it not only disturbs a man but also increases weight. The muscle mass starts decreases and libido also decreases. This level can be checked by a blood test and in case the level comes low than desired then here are certain therapy and steroids that can help this hormone level to increase.

There are certain things that can be the reason of a lower testosterone level in a body. Avoid the following things and it will give you a way of increasing testosterone in your body.


Dieting can be one of the major reasons why a man can have lower level of testosterone. When a person reduces the intake of dietary fat it affects this hormone and it starts to decrease. So before you start dieting consider all these facts and make sure you do not avoid something which is actually useful for you.

Avoiding Cholesterol:

When a person avoids the consumption of cholesterol the level of testosterone starts decreasing in its body as this hormone is derived from cholesterol only. In case you are dieting and you minimize your intake of cholesterol then a drop in the level of this hormone is something you should be expecting.

Avoiding Fenugreek:

Fenugreek has a special ingredient in it known as Testofen. This ingredients helps in increasing the testosterone level in the body. Therefore, the companies that make legal steroid supplements to increase testosterone level in the body make use of it.

Reasons Of Low Level Of Testosterone

Intake of Zinc:

Zinc is a mineral that increases the level of testosterone in a body. Even a little bit of zinc deficiency may lead to a lower level of this hormone. Thus, a man will be facing all the problems involved with the deficiency of this hormone.

Long Work-out Sessions:

Men who spend more time in workouts can have a lower amount of testosterone. Your workout sessions should not be more than 1 hours. Therefore, you must consider taking advice from your trainers before your start to exercise.

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