When it comes to having a non vegetarian meal, we all have our own preference to the type of meat. Some like poultry while some prefer red meat. Basically they get categorized into:

  • White meat- which consists of turkey, chicken
  • Red meat- mutton, beef and pork

Our country has a lot of red meat eaters and the highest percentage is taken by mutton. Mutton is served as a delicacy in marriages, in different occasions, parties etc. And because our country has a wide geographical area, the food culture differs widely.  In today’s article we are going to be talking about different recipes of mutton curry especially from southern India.

  1. Ambur biryani– ambur biryani gets its name from the town it originated in. Ambur is a small town in the state of Tamil Nadu. The origination of biryani came from the Muslims of South Asia and now each state of India has its own speciality of biryani. Ambur biryani is not speciafically made of mutton. Chicken lovers can have this delicacy too.
  2. Kerala mutton stew– stew is a popular dish and everyone has tried it at least once in their lifetime. The Kerala mutton stew is a creamy dish which uses vegetables such as potatoes, radish, carrots etc. Actually the stew could be just plain vegetable stew or even chicken as a matter of fact. But, since we are talking about mutton recipes, the Kerala mutton stew is one of the favourite dishes of the people over there.
  3. Mutton dalcha– this is another recipe that is famous in the southern part of our country and basically has originated from the state of Tamil Nadu. It is also popularly known as mutton sambhar. It also uses lentils (dal) in its preparation. Tuar dal and channa dal are definitely required if you wish to prepare this.
  4. Haleem– this is yet another popular south Indian dish that is loved and has various versions of it. Haleem could be prepared of beef too. But, since we are all about mutton today let us talk about mutton haleem recipe. So, in general haleem includes wheat, or barley or lentils depending upon ones choice and preference. In our country it is very famous in the state of Telangana.
  5. Chettinad mutton chukka– this recipe is slightly different from the other recipes because of its texture. All the other recipes are curry style, except for the Chettinad mutton chukka. This is another recipe from the state of Tamil Nadu. The word chukka refers to dry curry. Mutton chukka is known for its lip smacking taste and its spiciness. Well the spice can be controlled by the number of chillies one adds to the dish. But, if you want to have the original Chettinad style, then go for this spicy mutton recipe and enjoy the recipe the way they do!

So, these were a few of the mutton recipes that are famous in South India. You have got to try them out soon!

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