Acne has been an infuriating problem for doctors and patients altogether in past. With limited options available for treatment, acne was a sort of painful to bear. However, thanks to advancement in technologies, skincare has become easy with rich options available for acne treatment.Acne is a sign that you’re growing up, though if acne remains untreated or unchecked for long might leave incurable scars on the skin.

Acne is completely normal:

As mentioned earlier, acne comes with increasing levels of hormones that mark the onset of adulthood. So, if you’re suffering, don’t worry it’s normal.

When can you expect acne problem?

Acne triggers during the process of puberty, so, people with acne are mostly teenagers aged between 12-20 or 22. And by 22, acne diminishes completely leaving you a clear skin.

Reasons for Acne:

  • Blame your hormones: As stated, hormonal imbalance can be a reason for acne. Male Hormonal fluctuations like androgens (testosterone) might trigger acne growth on neck, skin and other parts of the skin.
  • The oily face has something to do: Take a face wipe and wipe your face, check out for oil marks. Do you see them? yes, Your oily skin might be a reason for your acne. Consult a dermatologist quickly and get appropriate medicines.
  • Pollution might be the evil: Air pollution might be the reason for your unwanted acne. You’re living in a polluted place and the pollution level is high; your skin can’t avoid pollution that sticks to your skin and hence acne occurs.
  • You won’t like stress after this: People who take more stress are more prone to acne. Your acne might be an indication that you’re taking so much of stress. Bad ! it’s your choice, stress or clear skin.
  • Choosing wrong products: Using wrong skincare products might be a convincing reason for acne. Sometimes, few skincare products don’t work on one patient, whereas, works very well on others due to the difference in skin type. Used prescribed products only.
  • Your diet needs a change: Warning! Stop, change your diet. There are foods that don’t suit your skin type, and it’s time you change them with something more appropriate and healthy to avoid acne. Avoid oily food, and avoid food with other edible oils.

After taking precautions, there are 90% chances that you will suffer from acne problems. Don’t panic and don’t try to puncture them, chances of skin infection increases.

Here are few acne remedies you can try at your home, all you need to do is try them.

1.Make a cinnamon and honey mask for a start

Cinnamon and honey is a traditional remedy for acne, and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

2.Applying some apple cider vinegar will also help

Apple cider vinegar is a superstar when it comes to acne treatment, don’t ignore the star.

3.The traditional milk and yogurt mix can be handy

There are myths about milk products being one reason for acne, but milk and yogurt are fruitful in improving skin tone and reducing acne.

4.Whip out some egg whites

The White part of the egg is termed as an affordable acne solution. It will help in fading the scars and miserable blemishes.

5.Plain papaya can do wonders

Papaya is the main ingredient of many beauty care product, though a simple plain papaya is enough to engage in an acne war.

6.Also, orange peel waste can be fruitful

Oranges are rejuvenating and fresh and your skin might take help from orange peel paste.

7.A mixture of honey and strawberries can be sweet for skin

Most facials contain honey and strawberries, and these two are an effective home remedy for acne.

8.A banana peel for your acne skin

Banana peel contains lutein, a powerful antioxidant that reduces swelling and inflammation. Hence, don’t throw the banana peel next time.

9.Don’t ignore sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate or baking powder contains antiseptic properties useful to fight fungus and bacteria, hence, are good for acne treatment.

10.Try lemon juice

Lemon juice is rich in citric acid and Vitamin C which is good for all skin type. Just use some cotton, dip in lemon juice and apply gently on pimples.

Hope this tips help fight acne and get you clear and healthy skin, if not, we will be back with more tips and remedies.

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