Imagine the guests of your wedding. They come from different circles of friends or different families. Your guests try to mingle and what do they use as their ice breaker?

“How did you like the food?”

The answer to that question can make or break your event. Food is one of the biggest reasons why an event is memorable or forgettable. When your friends would reminisce of your event in the future, food will definitely be one of the topics. If you and your caterer do not talk about it, both of you will be dissatisfied.

Food Tasting

Benefits of Food Tasting for You

Some people who hire catering services just trust the testimony of a friend or a colleague. However, not all people have the same tastes. What is delicious for someone might not be the same for you.

With food tasting, you can check the food that the caterer would serve in your event. If ever you are uneasy with the food in the first food tasting, there is still time for you to give feedback to your caterer.

Once you are satisfied with the taste of the food, you are confident that your guests would have a good time at your event. You are assured that there is good food served for your loved ones in your wedding reception. You will be certain that your high-ranking bosses would eat well in your company event.

Do not wait for the actual event to discover that you do not like the catering service that you hired. Make sure to taste the food served by your caterer.

Benefits of Food Tasting for your Caterer

With food tasting, you give your caterer a chance to improve if you do not like something from their menu. It will be unfair for the catering service to receive negative feedback from you at the actual event itself. As much as possible, caterers would like to meet the taste of the client, and this would not happen without getting the opinion from the clients themselves.

One of the good ways to publicize a business is through the word of mouth. If your guests would like the food that your caterer serves, they will work as advertisement to other people. In addition to that, your guests can post reviews through social media.  Their reputation is at stake when you do not provide them with constructive criticisms.

These are some reasons why food tasting for both the client and the catering company is very important. In the end, you would like to have great food in your events and the catering service that you hired wants the same thing for you.

Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.

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