Acquisition and Abolish Duplicates

You may aback end up artful the aforementioned files to altered locations on the computer. This leads to bottleneck of adored adamantine drive space. Both Windows and MAC users can use the chargeless Easy Alike Finder ( — a failing and feature-rich affairs that does the job fast. It lets you chase assorted drives (including alien accumulator such as beam drives and carriageable HDD) and generates letters of anniversary scan. For photographers who appetite to acquisition and abolish alike photographs, a chargeless affairs alleged Alike Photo Cleaner ( finds duplicates alike if they were resized or edited.

Remove Acting Files

Temporary files usually accredit to browser files or those that get extra aback you install fresh applications. Ideally, they should be removed automatically by the corresponding program, but it doesn’t consistently happen. As added and added acting files clog up your computer, they eat up adamantine drive amplitude and apathetic it down. Get the chargeless CCleaner ( which is accessible for both Windows and MAC. It makes abbreviate assignment of charwoman up your system’s acting files. MAC users can additionally use OnyX ( which offers avant-garde charwoman options.

How to Speed Up a Slow Windows Computer for Free

Remove Exceptionable Shortcuts

Most of us like accepting shortcuts to generally acclimated programs and files — this saves time and improves productivity. However, too abounding shortcuts can body up over time and accomplish your desktop a mess. Several programs additionally automatically abode a adjustment on the desktop during installation. Windows XP comes with a desktop cleanup astrologer that scans your desktop for bare icons and removes them. Windows Vista, 7 and 8 users can use Bad Adjustment Killer ( l2VYbf) to abolish exceptionable shortcuts from the desktop and alpha menu.

Defrag to Speed Things Up

Defragmentation organises the capacity of your adamantine drive in a way which minimizes the time taken by the drive to admission the stored files. The able-bodied Defraggler ( is a abundant apparatus that offers the advantage to defrag the absolute adamantine drive or aloof specific folder. It displays a drive map that shows how the amplitude of your adamantine drive is utilised. MAC users usually do not charge to defrag their drives because the OS automatically defrags files that are beneath than 20MB in size. (Note that if your computer uses flash-based storage, there is no charge to defragment it)

Make it Cossack Faster

As you install added programs, you ability apprehension that your PC takes best to cossack up. This happens because abounding applications and casework automatically initialise during the cossack process. Soluto ( is a chargeless Windows account that analyses your PC’s cossack up time and removes accidental startup programs. It alike lets you alone baddest the programs you appetite to abolish from startup. MAC users can do the aforementioned by activity to Arrangement Preferences > Accounts > Login Items and removing applications that you do not appetite to accessible automatically aback you log in.

Sort Out The Registry

Unknown to many, but one of the capital causes of a apathetic Windows PC is a besmirched registry. The Windows anthology configures and handles every accouterments andcomputer application operation on your computer and tends to get besmirched by obsolete/invalid entries. Get the chargeless Anthology Repair from www.glarysoft. com/registry-repair. It scans your arrangement anthology for a cardinal of accepted issues and fixes them instantly. It additionally makes a advancement of any anthology change so that if your arrangement becomes unstable, it can be adequate aback to its aboriginal state.


If you charge a distinct band-aid to booty affliction of everything, try TuneUp Utilities (www.tune-up. com). Thecomputer application will set you aback Rs 2,900 but is able-bodied account the price. Once you actualize a contour of your usage, it recommends assorted accomplish to advance performance. All the accoutrement you charge to browse and fix issues with your arrangement are congenital in. You can additionally advance your PC’s cossack up and abeyance time, annul files cautiously as able-bodied as uninstall programs. The ‘one click’ arrangement aliment approach is decidedly advantageous — it scans assorted areas of your PC and fixes aggregate in the accomplishments after advancing you.


If you’re not too assured of meddling with avant-garde settings, ask a a tech-savvy acquaintance for alien assistance. LogMeIn, TeamViewer & CrossLoop are some chargeless accoutrement accessible application which a alien user can calmly log into and booty over ascendancy of your PC (with your permission, of course). Problems can be articular and anchored accidentally by your acquaintance and all you charge is thecomputer application & a reliable broadband affiliation on both ends.

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