Every year, millions of people have plastic surgery to look younger and change the way they look. Some want to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Others are looking to correct skin problems, such as spider veins, scars, or blemishes. If you wish to have smooth skin, request a chemical peel. To slim down, opt for a tummy tuck or liposuction.

5 Types Of Plastic Surgery You Should Know About

If you’re not sure what types of plastic surgery are right for you, contact The Hospital Group or other experts. A skilled surgeon can help you choose the most appropriate procedure, and assess your eligibility. Here are five popular types of plastic surgery you should know about:


More than 103,625 people had facelifts in 2009. Also known as rhytidectomy, this procedure can restore a more natural and youthful appearance to your face. It’s the perfect solution for loss of skin elasticity and neck contours, deep creases, jowls, and decreased muscle tone in the face. The surgeon will tighten and rearrange your facial muscles, repair lose skin, and create a more appealing jawline contour.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. In 2014, approximately 286,254 women had their breasts enlarged. Statistics indicate that eight out of 10 patients who have had the surgery say it was “worth it.” This procedure helps improve breast size and shape, leading to increased confidence and self-esteem. The implants can replace breast tissues or make the breasts larger. Most women who request this surgery are between 30 and 39 years old. The FDA approves silicone breast implants for patients over 22 and saline implants in patients over 18.

Buttock augmentation

This type of surgery is in high demand. About 11,505 procedures have been done in 2014. Also known as butt implants or Brazilian butt lift, buttock augmentation aims to increase the size or volume of the butt, and balance your body. The surgeon will use your own fat to create bigger, shapelier buttocks. Patients can also opt for gluteal implants, which are made of silicone.

Male Breast Reduction

Women are not the only ones who can benefit from plastic surgery. In 2014, more than 26,175 men requested breast reduction procedures. This surgery is the only treatment option for gynecomastia, a condition that causes over-developed or enlarged breasts in men. Most patients with this problem have a poor body image and low self-esteem. During surgery, the doctor will remove excess fat and skin to restore a firmer contour to the chest.


Another popular procedure is liposuction. More than 210,552 patients requested this type of surgery in 2014. Liposuction helps remove excess fat from your thighs, abdomen, face, neck, arms and other body parts. It’s a quick, effective way to slim down and shape your body. Most times, it is performed along with other plastic surgery procedures, such as a tummy tuck or breast augmentation. Liposuction is recommended to men and women with localized areas of fat deposits that don’t disappear with exercise and diet.

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