We all know about the horrendous side effects of smoking.  From cancers to extended colds, financial burden, dental issues, and the list goes on.  Over the last decade, more and more people join the ranks of ex-smokers knowing they’ll potentially extend their lives by decades and increase the overall quality of life.  Quitting smoking is a huge lifestyle change.  Research has begun to show the horrendous side effects of a sedentary lifestyle can also cause havoc on our overall health, fitness and general well being.

Why Sitting Is The New Smoking

As you embark on your journey to be mindful of how much continuous sitting you’re doing throughout the day, consider ramping up your activewear wardrobe with pieces that are appropriate for the office.  While a lot of office workers don’t have the option of whether to sit or not, there are a myriad of tricks and tools to counteract the side effects of a day spent in an office chair. One of the tried and true tricks for office workers staring at a screen all day is the three, three, three exercise.  Every thirty minutes, stand for three minutes, stretching your arms overhead holding for thirty seconds, stretching your arms side to side and holding for thirty seconds and finally stretching arms to your feet for the count of thirty. You’ll increase blood flow, move your muscles, realign your spine and fill your muscles with fresh oxygen during this short little regime. Try it for a day and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. No doubt it will become a habit in a few short days.

In the evenings after dinner, sitting on the couch with chips is just about as bad as smoking throughout the day.  You’re exhausted and understandably ready for a break.  Set the timer on your phone to go off every hour and follow the same exercise as outlined above.  find at least twenty minutes either in the morning, during lunch or in the evening to take a brisk twenty minute walk.  It only takes two to three weeks to develop a new habit. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you’re not a gym rat, nor do you own a treadmill, consider heading to one of the big box stores and simply walking the perimeter for twenty minutes. Your body will thank you for this new routine for years to come.