Some people spend countless hours in gym working towards the physique of some movie star or celebrity, and this isn’t really possible. Even if you follow the identical workout and diet that your muscle model has, you will never look exactly the same because you are two different people with different genetic muscle potential. The only way for you to know what your full potential is, is to go straight for it.

Establishing Your Genetic Muscle Potential

Working on Your Body

The first thing that needs to be addressed is that regardless how advantageous your genetic muscle potential is, it is never enough on its own. In order for you to reach your maximum, you must make some lifestyle changes – but you already knew that, you’re going to the gym already. You also need to start eating appropriately, since a bad diet can completely nullify all your hard work. You can find perfect diets for weightlifters on the Amino Z blog.

Establishing Your Genetic Muscle Potential

Predicting Your Potential

Now, you can never know your full potential until you reach it, but it is possible to make some more or less accurate estimates. Firstly, you need to take your size and weight at birth into consideration, since some of this potential can be expressed as early. Secondly, you can always take some of your physical traits before you started training since these too carry meaning. Finally, development of secondary sex characteristics such as body hair, is in direct correlation with levels of testosterone in your body, which means that they play a huge role.

Setting Long Term Goals

After you have considered all of this, what you need to do is establish some of your long term goals. Because of this, it is important to be accurate in assessment of your capabilities. Setting the expectation bar too high will result in disappointment , while setting it too low won’t feel like a challenge. Either way, try to be as realistic as possible. This is where you can benefit the most from talking to a licensed gym trainer.

Establishing Your Genetic Muscle Potential

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Sometimes you will be outperformed by people who work on their appearance much less than you do and sometimes it will be the other way around. The truth is that everyone has a different genetic potential and quite possibly a different workout routine as well. For this reason alone, you should only compare to yourself and not to others. Just by reaching for your personal best, you will be achieving a great victory with every step.

As you can see, regardless of how powerful we want to believe we are, not everything is in our hands. However, without your willingness to improve your body, even the most advantageous set of genetic predispositions will be for nothing. Your body is clay and it is your job to mold it into an art piece. Still, knowing your genetic muscle potential prior to your efforts sure helps.

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