It seems to be that you will not have any problems to have breakfast in Brussels. There are many food courts in the street. The variety of cafes, restaurants and food points is great. The city center is full of different cafes. It is not a problem to find a place to drink coffee. The other thing if you have to overpay for the coffee cup. Thus, the coffee and croissant is for 5-6 EUR. It’s too much for budget travellers.

Womb of Brussels

You may visit emigrant cafes with interesting public and specific atmosphere. You may feel strange among the variety of Arabian faces. Think of their food. They offer to eat kebabs, grilled mean sandwiches. These are not the dishes that you have to try in Brussels. Nevertheless, kebabs and doner kebabs are popular in the Arabian restaurants. If you are tourists, you should find to eat something cheap, but traditional for Belgium. This is time to hire a car in Brussels and go to the most popular food district the Womb of Brussels.

Factually, this is the culinary center of the Belgium capital. Of course, it is mostly for tourists. You cannot try something specific here, but cheap. There are no expensive and ritzy restaurants in this territory. The dinner in the ritzy central restaurants costs for hundreds of EUR as just the dinner in the Womb of the city is much cheaper.

Sliders (Mini Burgers) For Dinner 100709W

Street of the Restaurants

The mass of cheap and not very cheap restaurants is concentrated in the streets of Petite Rue des Bouchers and Rue des Bouchers. It’s not far from the Royal House. You should go out of the house and turn right. You can see the beautiful view under your eyes: the street of restaurants. The street is full of chairs and tables, waiters and happy visitors, going here and there to find the best place to eat.

Special Offers

The most of the local restaurants put the announcements about the complex dinner that are about 12-15 EUR. You have a right to choose one of the offered positions in the menu of the first course, main course and dessert. You can meet the proposal of free appetizer. It means that you can take the glass of beer, wine or champaign for free. The most popular dishes in the menu are the seafood dishes. Take your chance to try mussels, snails and oysters. The dish of the seafood in the center restaurant costs about 20-25 EUR. It is much cheaper here. You can also order meat, fish for main course and ice-cream for dessert.

You have not leave tips. Nevertheless, there is a rule to leave the tips that are 10% more from the sum of your general bill. It is welcoming!

What Kind of Restaurant to Choose?

If it is difficult for you to pick the restaurant, you should go along the district here and there to look at the local interiors, prices, restaurant services. The good choice is picking up the places like Grand Bi in the street of Petite Rue des Bouchers, 2 and Mouton d’Or in the same street but the nearest house. The cuisine is the same in these restaurants but the choice is yours. The experienced travellers usually use restaurants from the touristic websites.

Wonton Noodles - Nam Loong Seafood Restaurant AUD7.50

There is one thing left. You can speak different languages in the restaurants. The waiters ask about your nationality and find someone who can speak your language. Do not hurry up! Try to see different restaurants in the different parts of the region. You have enough time to pick up proper restaurant for dinner, where everything is perfect – food and interior. If you want to eat fast and cheap, you can try the tastiest local sandwiches. They are trade in the different places of Brussels. The best visiting place for all tourists is Panos, where you can buy meat, cheese and vegetable sandwiches.

Brussels also boasts with the tasty ice cream. The price of it is not too much expensive. Speaking about sweets, you must try chocolate and Belgium ice-cream. There are many sorts of it and the taste is unforgettable.

Budget Restaurants

As a rule, local bars are cheap and cozy. Choose any of them on the go.


This is your chance to eat good and for cheap. The cafe is located at address Place Jourdan 35. This place boasts with the greatest winery and Greek cuisine. You can watch sport on TV while you are eating: boxing, skiing or football, whatever. The cafe belongs to the friendly Greek family that always welcomes you to feel like at home.

Noordzee Mer du Nord

Noordzee Mer du Nord is the best cheap cafe in the city. It is comfortably located in the city center. The street cafe does not have elegant interiors and polite waiters. Nevertheless, this is the place, where you can eat seafood dishes: soup, grilled shrinks, tomato soup with the garlic or onion sauce. The main feature of the cafe is standing places. You cannot sit here.


Meet one more budget eating place – Belga cafe. The cafe is situated at the address of Place Eugène Flagey 18. It boasts with the wide assortment of Belgium dishes, good price and quality. The best dishes here are lunching and coffee. You can eat very fast because they cook very fast. You are offered to sit outside. There are also many people outside. So, the price for your dinner or breakfast can be 5-8 EUR.

Belga Cafe - Washington D.C.

Hector Chicken

The fast-food restaurant Hector Chicken is a place in Brussels, where you can eat different chicken dishes for pleasant prices. The café is situated at the address Place de Brouckere 15.Do you like a big portion, crispy meat and wide choice of drinks? The average price for your dinner can be 7-8 EUR. The café is popular for locals and tourists.

The choice of cafes and restaurants is big in Brussels. You can try something new every evening. Travelling over the city you may find the right place to eat fast, tasty and cheap. Have a nice dinner!

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