How to seduce a potential buyer? Want to sell your condo or your home? Beyond the inevitable home staging recommended by building agents, many works, large and small, economical or expensive, will greatly enhance the value of your property. Beyond the traditional renovation of the kitchen or the bathroom, there are several strategic improvements that will make a real difference. Here are 5 ways a security system increases the value of your home.

Insurance discounts

To lower the amount of a premium, you have at your disposal several actions. For example, you may agree to have larger deductible amounts. You also have the power to enhance the security of your home. This is an important way for you to have cheaper home insurance.

You can also equip your home with smoke detectors to reduce the risk of fire. Regardless of what you choose, first contact your insurer, as it can refer you to an authorized installer. To do this, you can install a security system and alarms to minimize the risk of burglary or theft.

It makes sense: by adopting additional security measures, you reduce your risk level in the eyes of your insurer. The more precautions you take to secure your home, the lower your insurance premium may be. Early warnings are what make ADT home alarm systems so valuable.

The higher your risk, the higher your insurance premium will be. All of these criteria are important to your insurer as they allow it to assess the level of risk that the asset represents.

Intrinsic value

Certified real estate brokers and appraisers will inform you of current prices and will advise you accordingly. A precise comparison of your property with comparable properties, especially in relation to the number of rooms, will provide you a more accurate value for your property.

Purchasers are prepared to shell out a great deal more for a secure residence

These properties are called “comparable” in the real estate language and the value of your property will be established according to these. The current market represents property offers similar to yours in the same neighborhood or in a similar neighborhood.

You’ll gain personal peace of mind

Simpler protection device startup for the purchaser

Make sure you determine a price that is neither too high nor too low for your property. The former will considerably slow down its sales speed and may lead to a price decline, which will give the impression that the house has hidden defects.

Peaceful state of mind

People want to be safe in their home. The added cost of a security system is worth it in order to create that peaceful state of mind that many are looking for. Sure, setting the alarms and locking your house might be a little annoying. But, now that you can do that all with your mobile device and you can view your security cameras when you are away from home, the addition of a security system to the building plans is well worth it.

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