It is only natural to languish in fear before surgery. The phobia of surgical procedures is called tomophobia. In most cases, the anxiety is caused by the fear of malpractice. It also results from the concern that something could go wrong. However, the good news is that you can restrain this anxiety before surgery. Here are some methods used to deal with pre-surgery anxiety.

Learning about the surgery

Seeking as much information as possible about the surgery helps reduce anxiety. Online platforms are suitable sources for amassing such knowledge. Interaction with other individuals who have undergone the same procedure aids in eliminating the fear. In essence, such knowledge helps in knowing what to expect before and even after the surgery. Hence seeking more information aids significantly in dealing with pre-surgery anxiety.

Practice relaxation techniques

When you are anxious, the breathing rate increases and blood pressure heightens. As a result, the stress levels increase, thus the need for relaxation methods. Some techniques include meditation and breathing exercises. These approaches calm the body and equip you with confidence to undergo the surgical procedure.

Talk about the fear

A problem shared is a problem half solved. Talking about the fear and anxiety helps in enhancing courage and composure. It is vital to have family or friends around to help with such conversations. It is no secret that a little encouragement goes miles to lift the load off your shoulders.

Engage in your hobbies

You can always participate in activities you love to distract yourself. Make a list of your hobbies and partake in them one by one. Such distractions can go as far as right before the surgery. Some include; reading books, watching TV and listening to music. These hobbies help in taking your mind off the expected surgical procedure, into a state of imagination and relaxation.

Use of medication

Sometimes the anxiety can become too overwhelming. It is important to seek the assistance of a medical practitioner on the kind of medicine to use. A good example is Xanax that is suitable for anti-anxiety. It is usually taken the night before the procedure. The anesthesiologist may also recommend anti-anxiety medication right before the surgical procedure.


It is obviously not easy to go through a surgical experience without thinking the worst. Learning about the surgery, applying relaxation techniques, talking about the fear, engaging in hobbies and using anti-anxiety medications are some of the ways that help in dealing with anxiety before surgery. With these five solutions, the pre-surgery anxiety will be a thing of the past.

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