There could be no more of an exciting time then heading off to college. Going to college is a worthwhile experience for so many high school graduates who hope to one day follow their career dreams and passions. However, it is very easy for such dreams to turn into a nightmare when you end up graduating school with a ton of debt. If you want to avoid the miseries of being in debt, here are five things you can do to be debt-free after graduating college.


5 Ways To Graduate Debt-Free

First and foremost, it is commonly known that one of the easiest ways to avoid the debt trap in college is to go after competitive academic scholarships. Getting one or many scholarships will allow you to not only pay for school-related costs such as tuition and books, but also help you with living expenses. Make sure you do a good job of graduating with a high GPA and do well on standardized tests to be considered for a variety of scholarships.

Go to a State University or College

If you are still considering different types of colleges and universities, one of the easiest way to avoid debt is to not go to a private or out-of-state school. Most private school tuition tends to be triple the amount of a state-based university or college. The average private school tuition runs will the ball park of around $20,000 while the average state school is only a quarter. Tuition at a state university or college can easily be paid for with a combinations of scholarships and financial aid then at a private university.

Work Study

Work study is also a good option for those who looking to avoid debt while in college. Work study programs allow you to work on campus in exchange for receiving financial aid. Most work study programs are organized as on-campus jobs where students work in libraries, recreation centers and other academic facilities.

Minimize Costs

Another way to avoid getting into large amounts of debt while in college is to ensure that you are minimizing all of your living expenses and other related costs. A good example of this would be making sure you look at the pricing differences between living on campus and off campus. While it may seem cheaper to live on-campus, sometimes living off campus might be cheaper. Just make sure that when you do live off campus, look for apartments with cheap but effective home security systems.

Work a Part-Time Job During Summer

5 Ways To Graduate Debt-Free

Another way to avoid the debt trap in college is work a part-time job during the summers. If you do not need to take additional classes during the summer, that would be an opportune time to work and save money for books and other related expenses.

Make sure that whatever you decide to do, research all options and do your homework. College is going to be a rewarding experience, but it can be a costly one if you make the wrong decisions.

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