An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a smokeless device machine which replicates smoking a real cigarette, but without the tobacco, tar and other noxious chemicals. There are several multi-national manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and the market opened up for them after many areas around the world brought in anti-smoking laws and bans.

Can You Quit Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette looks remarkably similar to a traditional cigarette. The e cigarette is usually purchased as a part of anelectronic cigarette kit. The kit consists of rechargeable batteries, battery charger, the cigarette device and cartridge packs. The user must recharge the battery every night and then simply replace the cartridge packs when necessary.

How do they Work?

The electronic cigarette works by air flowing through the cylinder. This then ignites a processor which injects droplets of a liquid. This results in a nicotine vapour mist, which is then inhaled by the smoker. Propylene Glycol has been added to make the mist look like actual smoke. Some models of this kind of cigarette also light up at the end to even further resemble a conventional cigarette.

There are definitely some benefits to using an e cig over smoking regular cigarettes, although e-cigarette companies will point out that their product is nota quit smoking device. One of the main advantages is that there is no tobacco, carbon monoxide, tar or other cancer causing chemicals that can be found in a traditional cigarette. Another advantage is that they are not prohibited under smoking bans. Plus, the mist is practically odourless and without any second-hand smoke, which will please non-smokers nearby.

Goodbye to Stained Teeth and Nicotine Control

In most cases the oral hygiene of a many smokers is not really the best, no matter how much you try to hide it. And all smokers are well aware of how conventional cigarettes tend to stain not only your teeth, but also your fingertips. Well, maybe you’ve already guessed it, but e-cigarettes just don’t have those kind of effects.

Another great thing about e cigarettes is that they come in a range differing concentrations of nicotine strength, depending upon what level you wish for. Ranging from high to nil, gives you complete control over how much nicotine you are happy with putting into your body. If you wish to, you can slowly over time decrease the amount of nicotine you will be inhaling, until you are perfectly happy with a level that is ideal for you.

Many users of the ecig have reported smoking less and not wanting to return to regular cigarettes or even going on to kick the habit altogether.

Social Acceptability

Cigarette smokers have become the victims of discrimination when it comes to rules and city regulations regarding smoking. Smokers are now forced to move away from buildings or have to go to isolated areas to light up.

The reasons mentioned above should be enough to persuade anybody to consider making the switch from traditional cigarettes, to the electronic kind.

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