Search engine optimization isn’t the same with gaming the system and we need to figure out the real essence of Google algorithm. It is important to find the most appropriate professionals who can really improve our website. Here are empty promises that we may often hear from bad SEO consultants:

I can get you #1 rank for just $50 permonth

If the price is too low, then probably it’s too good to be true. We should sense whether something is really too good to be true. Yes, it is true that we should spend money to rank properly on search engines, but unfortunately it isn’t cheap, especially if we plan to target highly competitive keywords. In fact, some companies have spent millions of dollars on SEO alone when they target keywords like debt, insurance, mortgage and finance.

It’s assured, you’ll get #1 place on all search engines

We should know that SEO consultants don’t work with search engines, so they really can’t promise anything. A reputable SEO consultant won’t speak on behalf of Yahoo, Bing and Google. We don’t really know how search engine algorithms really work and it takes hard work to obtain good position in search engine ranks. IF a SEO consultant guarantees us a high position, then we may have met a snake oil SEO consultant.

I will implement very powerful, secret strategies

SEO consultants should be honest, open and completely transparent. Clients will be informed about the custom strategy used in SEO campaign. Often, SEO consultants show clients what they do before doing something. Bad consultants are often very secretive with their methods and they offer us no or very brief monthly reports. Clients should be informed about progress and report should contain latest search engine rank, average traffic and other factors.

I will create many inbound links from directory submissions, blog comments, forums and other sources

In reality, links from these sources have been significantly devalued in previous Google’s algorithm update. Uninformed clients may think that quantity of links determine SEO success and bad consultants may show misleading figures and graphs. Although we can’t deny the importance of inbound links, we should choose SEO professionals who focus more on quality.

We deliver good content for you

Many clients are given promises that they will get good content along with the SEO campaign. Chances are, the content has sub-standard quality and they may not even be unique.

We could deliver great results without 3rd party references

In SEO, references are essential and they should be included if we have been charged so much money. References should help us vouch for the success and honesty of our firm. 3rd party references should be quite invaluable. SEO firms should assure excellent results with their works. However, it also means that the website must have sufficiently high quality to ensure that reputable websites will agree to provide references. This will ensure that we get better results and website owners should be proficient in their own field.

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