Pets are wonderful creatures. You will realise that pets normally give companionship to their owners. But, what if your pet is a 200-pound lizard? Lizards are wonderful, fascinating and beautiful creatures. Part of their appeal is their incredible diversity. You will realise that there are more species of lizards than mammals or amphibians. They range from three-inch legless borrowers to the mighty Komodo dragons.

So, let’s take a closer look at these amazing creatures. Komodo dragons normally live in Asia. You can actually see these creatures if you travel to Indonesia. There are an estimated 4000 to 5000 Komodo dragons in the wild.

Here are Some Astonishing Facts About Komodo Dragons:

1. They are the World’s Largest Living Lizard Species

Did you know that Komodo dragons are the world’s largest living lizards? This lizard can actually grow to nearly 10 feet long and weigh more than 150 pounds. In addition, these creatures normally live in islands that have no other carnivores. This makes them the dominant species by far.

2. A Komodo Dragon can Consume 80% of their Body Weight in One Sitting

Did you know that a Komodo dragon can swallow prey the size of a goat? Most of them can actually consume 80% of their body weight in one sitting. They actually take an average of 15 to 20 minutes to do so. This dragon normally rams the carcass against a tree so that it can manage to swallow it. These creatures are normally carnivorous in nature. They can eat large prey such as deer, pigs and even humans.

3. They Come in a Variety of Colours

Komodo dragons normally have many colours. Some of those colours include: blue, orange, green and gray. You will also note that their skin is normally rough and durable. It is also reinforced with bony plates called osteoderms. In addition, these creatures normally have long claws and a large muscular tail.

4. They have a Good Vision

Komodo dragons normally have a good vision. They can actually see objects as far as 985 feet. In addition, these creatures are also speedy. They can actually run up to 13 mph. However, they normally wait for hours until prey crosses their path.

5. Offspring

You will realise that Komodo dragons are generally solitary outside the mating season. These creatures normally mate between May and August. Female Komodo dragons can lay about 30 eggs each in September. In addition, Komodo dragon mothers can build decoy nests so as to confuse predators and keep her eggs safe. Female Komodo dragons are also known to have virgin births. This means that they do not need a male to fertilize an egg for it to hatch.

6. They have a Slow Metabolism

Komodo dragons normally have a slow metabolism. This means that they normally eat few meals in a year. These creatures can take as few as 12 meals a year.

7. They are Excellent Swimmers

Komodo dragons are normally excellent swimmers. This is the reason why they are able to travel between Indonesian islands.

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