Put your SEO in the hands of a professional who is dedicated to strategies of white hat SEO is basic to ensure the sustainability of our project, that’s why in our SEO blog we reveal some clues so you know how to choose an SEO agency and to what statements You must be warned before leaving your website in someone’s hands.

What you must have clear as a client

Before taking the step of hiring a web positioning professional, it is important that you have clear expectations and what you want to achieve through SEO. The organic positioning is progressive and offers sustainable results, but it must be worked on throughout the months so if you are looking for immediacy, then it is not the appropriate option.

In other words, if your expectations are not realistic, no web positioning agency will be good for you. You can not go from 10 to 20,000 visits per day in a month (probably not in a year), so you should be clear that SEO positioning well done will help you achieve visibility, improve the authority of your domain, increase organic traffic and the online presence of your brand, but all in the medium / long term like say agencia seo

Any agency or professional that offers immediate results will not be doing things cleanly, so you should not put your trust and money there.

It is also important to be realistic with what we demand before starting to work with a positioning company. You can not ask for a detailed strategy if you have not yet signed a contract, nor can you demand that they analyze your website in depth without the agency having guarantees that you will hire their services. All this, as in natural, requires the time of a professional and that time must be charged to the client. If you want all these analyzes, request them as a paid consultancy, so you can measure the capacities of the agency fairly for both.

Keys to choosing an SEO agency without failing

Obtaining organic visibility in Google takes time, but if you work alongside serious and dedicated professionals, the results can be very favorable, hence the importance of choosing the right team. To know how to choose an SEO agency, the first thing is to understand what are the characteristics that distinguish a company from a mediocre quality positioning.

Some of the most obvious characteristics are:

It has a specialized professional team

Fundamental, if you want to achieve good results it is important to partner with professionals. An SEO team, one or several specialists in content generation and a developer are some of the essential specializations that are required to carry out a positioning strategy.

Contact the agency of your interest to know their offer, the way they work and how they can make your project grow, but make sure you do not talk to a salesperson but to one of the specialists, so you can determine if your knowledge transmits security and you feel at ease with the information that makes you arrive.

They see SEO strategically

SEO is not just uploading a keyword to the first page. A positioning strategy must be complete and comprehensive, including essential aspects such as page optimizations, creation of relevant content for users, quality link building, competition analysis, project analysis, monitoring and reporting, among other aspects.

Stay with the agency that offers all of this, because the more scalable the strategy, the better results you will receive.

Provides comprehensive positioning services

This is linked to the previous point, and that is that an online positioning strategy can include several phases in which different services are required. That is why it is important that when choosing an agency they can provide you with the minimum services, for example say agencia seo barcelona

SEO positioning

Positioning SEM

Creation of online content

Link building

Web Analytics

Web audits


Monitoring of results

Other services, such as the management of social networks, for example, are not part of the SEO universe and therefore are not essential within a comprehensive strategy.