The latest version of wireless technology, Bluetooth 5, is learned to be coming up with some big improvements and here we will discuss those in terms of performance, mainly.

What new feature expected in Bluetooth 5

The Bluetooth 5 to feature longer range and is learned to be transferring more data compared to predecessor Bluetooth 4.2. If believed to the claims the sped would be two times and range would be four times. The bandwidth is learned to be comparatively eight times.

Apart from all these, the Bluetooth 5 would maintain low-power energy consumption and to be highly useful in medical devices as well as security systems for speed purpose.

When to expect the Bluetooth 5

In fact the Bluetooth 5 technology is available as of now, but tech manufacturers certainly need some time to implement it into upcoming devices. It is said in about six-month time frame the first Bluetooth 5 enabled devices will come up in the market

Is it that all new devices required for Bluetooth 5

Obviously yes to explore the new speed and range completely, but this does not mean the existing products won’t work. Even new laptop with Bluetooth 5 will work with existing Bluetooth 4 keyboards, mice and other similar peripherals.

What about Bluetooth LE

The Bluetooth LE or Low Energy will come default to make less of a strain on batteries. This mean the new smart phones, laptops, wearable and IoT devices will now last longer.

What about interference with Bluetooth 5

It is learned the Bluetooth 5 will be better at detecting the frequencies of other wireless devices and lots of wireless interference will be possible now.

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