Are you excited to go on an adventure on your ATV? Whether it’s your brand new quad or you are getting your old one ready, remember that it can be as dangerous as it can be fun. These days, more and more number of riders of ATVs or all terrain vehicles are getting injured or killed that enforces the need to follow safety procedures. Especially, if you are new to quad riding or a teenager, it is extremely important that you are practicing the safety rules while operating the vehicle.

Remember that ATVs are just as dangerous as motorcycles, cars or trucks so use proper procedures and technique to operate them. The universally accepted safety tips will help you in keeping you on your wheels safely while making sure that you are having some quality time.

Some of the rules are pretty straightforward while others take a little common sense of yours to work effectively. Let’s take a look at the crucial rules that you need to follow when riding on your ATV:

7 Safety Tips For A Fun And Secured ATV Ride

1.Wear your gears

Riding an ATV requires you to wear your protective gear just like when operating a bike or motorcycle. Make sure you are always wearing a helmet because most fatal accidents occur when a rider falls on his/her head without a helmet. It may not be a stylish accessory but it can surely save your life. Be sure to wear to wear boots, helmets, gloves and goggles to protect your hands, feet, eye and head.

2.Ride on the right ATV

Which ATV is the right one? Quads are usually for the kids above the age of 16 years. However, there are ATVs that have engines below 90cc that will work best for your little kid. Don’t even think of putting your 10 year old on a 250cc ATV. They are even equipped with remote controls so that your kid can maintain the balance if he/she loses the control.

3.Follow only one rider rule

ATVs are specifically designed for only one rider at a time, so don’t try to be a goon! There should be no side riding or piggybacking, at all. Two riders on a quad is very dangerous as you have to maintain your balance to control it. In addition to this, an ATV won’t be able to hold the combined weight of two riders that will make it unstable and prone to getting rolled over.

4.Maintain your ATV

To ensure a better and cleaner performance, maintain your ATV properly. Use only top grade gasoline and oils so that the harmful emission can be reduced. In addition to self care and maintenance, always get your vehicles checked by a professional mechanic. Also, do a pre ride inspection by checking out the tires for any wear and make sure your cables are intact

5.Don’t ride alone

When participating in a sports activity, never do it alone as in such activities there are chances of accidents happening. So make sure you have a one or better yet two riding buddies with you always. Getting lost or running out of gas is absolutely no fun, it could even take a dangerous turn that can be life threatening if you are all alone. So, grab your friends and go for a fun ride!

6.No drinking and riding

It’s a pretty much self explanatory. As advised when riding a car, motorcycle or truck, similarly don’t put yourself and others at risk by riding after drinking. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can impair your thinking process, reaction time, judgement along with your ability to ride safely. So, don’t jeopardy yours or other’s life at risk, leave the beers for the evening!

7.Be aware

Always be aware of your surroundings. Know where you are riding and where your partners are. Just like you look ahead when driving a car to see what’s coming, do the same when riding on your ATV. Look out for any bumps or critters jumping into your path to be safe.

Safety should always be a priority of yours. Follow these guidelines and drive safely by choosing a good and adequate ATV to have a blast on your riding experience!