Get Fit and Feel Great Past 50

Being middle-aged is no barrier to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle – you just need to tailor your approach.

There’s no doubt that as we get older, it becomes a lot harder to lose weight. For that reason, many people think that there is no point in trying once they are past 50. Rather than accept defeat, use this new part of your life to make some age-appropriate changes and lose weight for good. Here are five ways to keep in shape in 2019.

Change your mindset

As you get older, it’s important to focus on your overall wellness rather than rely on the crash diets that helped you to lose weight in your 20’s and 30’s. With age comes decreasing hormone levels, a slower metabolism and lower muscle mass – but that doesn’t mean that losing weight is impossible. You just have to modify your approach. Make gradual, realistic changes to your diet, and place a renewed focus on daily exercise.


Seek professional help

Something that can really help you to shift the pounds when you are over 50 is hypnotherapy for weight loss. Hypnotherapy gets to the root of unhealthy eating habits, making it ideal for those who have struggled with diets for years. Many over-50’s finally decide that enough is enough, and hypnotherapy allows them to get a handle on their weight for good. It’s much easier to stay motivated with a totally transformed mindset.

Pick the right workouts

Sadly, aches and pains are part and parcel of getting older – and as a result you’re not inclined to move as much. Regular exercise can help to soothe joint and muscular pain, as well as make you more flexible. The key is starting with workouts that aren’t intimidating or overly strenuous. Walking is something that is easy to work into your everyday routine, additionally, swimming and yoga sessions can be customised to be as gentle or as vigorous as you like.

Put your smartphone to good use

A large percentage of over-50’s own smartphones – so why not see if yours could help you to lose weight? The best thing about using a smartphone app is that it can save you money. After all, a large number of apps are free and as your phone is already a part of your everyday routine, you’re not having to fork out for another device. MyFitnessPal can help you to track what you eat, while Map My Walk will show you just how much you are moving each day.

Get your friends involved

It’s much easier to lose weight if you have a good support system around you, so why not encourage some of your friends to adopt a healthy lifestyle too? It’s much easier to stay motivated if you have people to work out with, share recipes and healthy living tips with each other. On the days where you just feel like quitting, an encouraging text from a pal will help you to get up and get moving.

The change starts today!

Whether you use all of our tips, just opt for hypnotherapy delivered by a trained professional or find your own path, there’s no reason why middle age means that you have to give up on looking and feeling great! By slowly introducing changes into your life, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come in a year’s time.

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