There are actually more fatalities and accidents in and around the house than on outdoor environments. For this reason, it is important to make our house a completely protected place. As caring parents, we should keep our children safe and completely out of harm way. There could be hidden dangers inside the house that we need to eliminate. We shouldn’t overlook specific hazardous elements and do the following things:

8 Ways To Make Our House Safer For Children

1. Add quick locks for windows:

Leaving the upstairs windows can prove to be dangerous for small children. We should choose a locking mechanism that’s easy to lock, but require more effort to open.

2. Put taps on hard to reach locations:

Hot taps are probably among many classic causes of perils inside the house and children could get scalds when they accidentally open them.

3. Create special ironing section:

Many children need to be treated for numerous cases of iron burns. It is a bad idea to iron our clothes in our room because children can reach it. The iron should cool down in special shelves, so we can protect our children. Other objects like razors, curly tongs and hairdryers should be stored in special places so children won’t be tempted to copy their parents. This should also apply to aftershaves and perfume. There are cases of children who spray the substance into their eyes.

4. Create special storage area for furniture polish, disinfectant, bleach and other similar liquid-based products:

These products are not harmful for any children and serious complications could arise when children handle them. Although children may not drink them, the fumes can still represent significant risks. This also applies for pills, tablets and other medications, because an overdose can kill young children.

5. Place door locks at higher places:

Door locks that lead to the outside of our home should be fit up high. Easy to reach locks can make it very easy for children to allow themselves out and outcomes can be especially disastrous.

6. Improve electricity installation:

Parents often take electricity installation for granted and it can easily kill people. We should check all cables and wires and make sure that they are properly wrapped inside the protective covering. We should choose cables that don’t tangle and knot easily. Parents need to teach their children on how to safely use and inform them about possible dangers from misuse.
Aging electrical equipments and cables could also be more dangerous to handle. It may also be necessary to remove low down table lamps, because children can easily touch the bulb.

7. Choose proper lighting:

Lighting should be reasonably bright in all areas of the house. It would be dangerous for children to fumble in the dark. They shouldn’t use candles, unless it is necessary. The outside of the house should also brightly lit, so children can clearly see the foot path.

8. Prepare special garbage area:

Garbage area shouldn’t be easily reachable by children. Opened cans can be quite sharp and injure children. If possible use a pedal bin to prevent pets from rummaging the scraps and invite toddles to do that as well.
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