With enrollment down on many college campuses nationwide, universities are trying to win students over with luxury dorm amenities.  It’s not far fetched to find colleges that offer tanning beds, rooftop pools, and spa services on their campuses. Companies like Campus Crest Communities and American Campus Communities are popping up near college campuses everywhere. These are companies that are in the business of renting furnished, opulent dorms to college students across the United States.  In most cases these companies are not affiliated with the targeted universities. Students opting for one of these off campus housing apartments will only need to grab a cargo van in Augusta to get their stuff moved into their new digs.

With students looking to live in the lap of luxury while earning their degrees, many colleges have stepped up their campuses to increase enrollment.  St. Leo University’s campus in Florida includes dorms that feature relaxation rooms and nap pods.  The university also has an over 2,000 gallon aquarium in one of the dorms.  These amenities will make some people feel like they’re on vacation rather than at college.

College and University Dorms Now Offer More Amenities

Many students struggle with the idea of doing laundry on their own once they go away to college.  Davidson College in North Carolina has that covered.  The college actually has a laundry service on campus that takes care of washing the student body’s laundry – the service also includes folding.  If you’re more of an independent type then the campus also has a free self-serve laundromat that looks more like a hang out with it’s big screen televisions, WiFi, and comfortable, lounge like furniture.

Are you a student that is terrified to go away to college because you’re going to miss the latest season of Game of Thrones?  Mississippi State University might be the right choice for you.  All rooms on this campus are equipped with in-room cable and HBO.  Not too shabby.

Universities across the country all have chain restaurants on campus that are included in students’ meal plans.  One of Rutgers University’s dorms features a Cold Stone Creamery because ice cream makes any cram session better.

It will be interesting to see what dorm life will be like ten years from now.  It won’t be surprising to hear that campuses also have salons and spas.  Why wouldn’t they?  College students need to make sure that they’re looking good while in class and studying.  Students will also be able to convince their parents that they need a massage before their next big exam.  Before we know it, college tuition will include a cargo van rental in Augusta to get students’ belongings from home to school.

Many colleges need to do whatever it takes to keep enrollment up.  According to the 2012 census, college enrollment was down by a half million students nationwide.  We’re still unsure as to why enrollment numbers are dropping but it might be because of the improving economy or high tuition costs.  If enrollment continues to drop, colleges will continue to beef up their colleges to try to win over as many students as they can.

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