Human excellence utilizing the human assets of mind, body and the intellect reinforced and rooted in spiritual strength and values is the cornerstone of this great philosophy we have been discussing all along. Mind control enables us to acquire relevant knowledge. The intellect is used for thinking positively and about noble things only. There is no pollution of the mind and brain. The yoga system keeps the body in perfect condition linking it to God and at the same time ensuring balance and coordination between the mind and intellect. The four stages of human existence divided into spans of 25 years each emphasize development of the individual in accordance with the need to discharge responsibility at each stage for the benefit of the individual, family and society.

Bramacharya or celibacy develops the mind and intellect focusing on acquiring the right knowledge. Grihastha or householder stage enables him to discharge the responsibilities to the family and to the society. Vanaprastha or retirement stage enables a man to withdraw gradually from the world after handing over the reins of his household to the children who enjoy the benefits of delegation and trust. The last stage of sanyas (ascetic) enables man to give up the world and spend the rest of the life in deep meditation and contemplation of the Ultimate Reality. He attains a state of deathlessness and there is no fear of death.

A Great, Rich, Wonderful Philosophy

Needs and resources of individuals are matched through a built in mechanism of mind control. The absence of greed in all areas of human activity makes available land and other resources for houses for all. Materials are conserved. Land acquisition for public causes becomes easy. Prevalence of discipline and maintenance of law and order conserves resources. Every human being is able to concentrate his mind and gain mind control (source). He serves society and works without expectation of reward. He enjoys a sense of fulfillment. Man gives to society more than what he takes. He has definite goals and does not waste energy on trivial things. He attains individual excellence.

He accomplishes everything out of a sense of fulfillment. Social harmony is easily achieved. There is no law and order problem. There is productive use of resources at every level by every one and the country’s progress is achieved. The nation’s resources are productively utilized. All round prosperity and happiness is attained.

Each individual always thinks in terms of what he can do for others and the collective action of all brings about collective prosperity and happiness. Such a society ensures sustainability in all areas of human activity. There is very little need for any outside agency or government to intervene and do correction. The principles of universal love, universal brotherhood and universal happiness ensure harmony and lasting peace. This may look a utopian ideal. But we have to make it practical. We have to keep this as a model and aim at reaching it as quickly as possible. It does not matter if we make slow progress. But we must make steady progress. If we do so we discover a great propose in life and humanity has a bright and glorious future. (To be continued)