Humidity is mostly measured by relative humidity that refers to the ratio of moisture present in the air to the possible saturation of air at a specific temperature. Now, the warmer the air means it holds more water vapor. Absolute humidity refers to the water molecules actual amount in the air.

Humidity refers to the moisture condition in the air, but this is not invisible always. Thus the relative humidity is taken as a percentage of the water vapor ratio present in the air to the water amount the air can hold. Thus there is a need to control humidity systems. The hhumidity control systems eliminate or include the water vapor from indoor air ensuring staying within required humidity ranges.

Humidity Systems Know The Facts and Stay Safe

Humidity control is important as: 

  • This is a large factor ensuring the thermal comfort in people.
  • In a building, excess moisture leads to mildew and mold, thereby causing indoor air quality problems.
  • Large energy user.

Other factors

Comfort and Health

The humidity comfortable ranges vary on the basis of temperature (the hotter is the temperature, the less is the humidity and it is comfortable).  To avoid the growth of mold, it is ideal to keep the levels of humidity below 40%. Besides, ensure the laundry, shower and the areas of cooking are well-ventilated.


The humidity in comfort ranges means the thermostats of the building should have sensors. You can also use hygrometer system separately to control humidifiers and dehumidifiers from the HVAC system separately. However, the energy efficiency and comfort is much better when the humidity systems control is incorporated with the temperature control.

Tips to choose perfect humidity systems controller

Earlier, humidity controlling was a big challenge as the hygrometers had separate control system and it required manual adjustments and constant monitoring to decrease or increase the moisture content amount present in the air. In fact, these devices such as hygrometers also were prone to be wrong and this could be controlled or set right only after the accurate controllers and humidity systems sensors emerged. Nowadays, there are humidity automated controllers available to measure the moisture content present in the air and to signal automatically to adjust. In fact, it works as a thermostat and the air conditioner heater that signals exact electronic information transmit.

The Advantage

With humidity systems controller in place, now the system can be maintained and set for a specific zone humidity levels. They have external sensor to be wired, thereby the sensor and the controller can be wired in different locations. The system has output relays and is fully programmed. It allows the system to meet specific needs to ensure reconfiguration of the system as needed.

The humidity control systems may be used in various applications and also in the greenhouses. This is because the humidity levels here reach nearly 97% and here the sensors maintain accurately to minus of plus of 2%, that is regarded to be most accurate, even with this level of humidity. Having humidity systems controller units that are fully compatible means you can stay peacefully.