Some people love nothing more than the rumbling engine of a classic car. If you are one of those people and have dropped a chunk of cash on your first ride, you may be frantically looking for information on how to keep it in amazing condition.

Robert Bassam has been in this game for a while, as he has numerous classic vehicles in his garage which he has amassed over decades.

Having spent copious amounts of money on his babies over that time, he has several rules that have kept them in perfect condition year after year.

In the article below, we’ll show you what those rules are, so you can have a collection of cars that will make your friends insanely jealous.

1) Ride look a little dusty? Wash it thoroughly

This may take a lot of time, but taking the time to wash your car when it has been out in the world will prevent it from falling victim to a number of issues.


Neglecting this chore can lead to your car from losing more than its lustre; debris that your vehicle picks up from the road and the shoulder can contain compounds that can corrode the body over months and years. If it leads to rust, it can cost you tons of cash.

Classic car maintenance can take its toll on your free time, but look at it this way: taking on these responsibilities will begin forming the bond of love between you and your classic car.


2) Apply wax to your car

A regular wash won’t get your car shining like the hot rods you see at shows – for that, you need to take the next step. If you want your vehicle to win the next best in show award, start regularly applying wax.

Done semi-annually, it will be all you need to give it a shine that will garner stares of bewilderment from total strangers. Double down by applying chrome polish as well, as glittering rims will also attract plenty of attention.

3) Maintain the interior of your car

If you want to own envy-inducing classic cars, you need to obsess over the appearance of its interior as much as you obsess over the look of the exterior.

The dashboard is the thing that attracts the most attention of passengers when they get into your car. If it is covered in dust or if it is dull, it can have a negative impact on their perception of your car.

Think about this before you invite anybody to take a ride with you, and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

Protect your car from UV radiation and make your dashboard shine by applying leather creams on a regular basis. Done after cleaning off debris, it will make it stand out in a good way.

Vinyl deserves similar treatment – this type of upholstery have cleaners which are specially formulated for them, so use them as directed and your seats will look just as good as your dashboard.

By paying as much attention to the interior as you do to the exterior, your car will attract compliments from many strangers on the street.

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