Optical discs are definitely considered as a durable data storage platform with high degree of standardization and long lifespan. Blu-ray ensures that data stored can be recalled and accessed randomly at any time. Optical media is also known for minimal carbon footprint, low power usages and low overall costs. Over time, DVD and Blu-ray discs are considered as more economical compared to hard disk drives. There are many advantages of using hard disk drives. A single DVD or Blu-ray disc could hold a large amount of data. Blu-ray comes in multiple variants, offering different options of data storage at a relatively low cost.

Compared to many other platforms, optical media is more suitable as data back up solutions due to very long self life. They provide a wide array of capabilities and it is easy to migrate to newer technology. This could translate into a wide range of environmental benefits. Compared to huge data centers with comprehensive power and cooling requirements, optical media gas very low energy consumption. This increases the overall environmental sustainability. Even when accessed, optical media requires low energy consumption. DVD and Blu-ray readers can be installed internally within the computer or laptop case.

The more suitable solution for portable solutions is by using external optical drives that can be connected to any computer through standard USB cables and others methods. Optical drives have very low heat generation and it not necessary to have a dedicated cooling. It means that optical media can become a reliable and robust option, This also makes that optical technology is relatively durable and dependable for a long period of time. For companies, this also means more money in the bank. It will also be much easier to meet various legislation and compliance requirements.

In a digital world, it is important to know that digital data already dominates and permeates throughout the industry. Many business operations are information based and a large amount of data continues to be accrued. The growth is not slowing down and it is important to have a back up platform that is affordable, durable and can last for a very long time. Organizations should ensure that they have reliable back up technology. This is essential to protect and save their electronic data. With affordable optical platforms, data back up is no longer a luxury and can be implemented not only by small businesses, but also average computer users.

Optical media is able to provide significant organizational and financial benefits in a single trustworthy package. HDD is faster and more manageable, but it is less durable and can be used for a shorter period of time. It is vulnerable to various latent and operational failures. Although current HDD is reliable enough, it will eventually need to be replaced. It means that hard disk drives are unable to meet the long-term retention promise of optical media. Optical media, such as CD, DVD and Blu-ray are known for their durability. In a proper storage area, they may last for nearly 100 years.

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