The game of rummy is very popular in India. It really does not matter who brought it to India, because today it is popular in east, west, north and south equally. Go to any corner of India and you won’t find it hard to find a companion to play a round of rummy. Here are some reasons why rummy card game is so popular throughout India:

Easy to Learn

The basic rules governing Indian Rummy are simple. This makes it a game that is easy to learn. All you need to do in the game of rummy is to make melds and sequences. Among the sequences, one needs to be natural and one can be made with or without the use of joker. Thes one who makes all these first wins the game. The simplicity of the game could be the first reason people usually love the game so much. Since the rules are easy to grasp, more people tend to play the game enjoyingly.

No Age Restrictions

Unlike many of the card games where you need to have a certain level of maturity to be a part of the game, in rummy age is really no bar. If you wish to play the game, you can. This means, be it a child of 6 or a person of 60, they can all be a part of this fabulous game. This could be another reason why more people prefer to play this game over others.

No Player Restrictions

Most of the card games are four player games. It becomes difficult to include odd numbers into the game making some people having to wait for their turn. Rummy is quite flexible and it allows flexibility in the number of players playing the game. This makes it possible for greater involvement. That is the reason why people choose to host rummy parties. The popularity, simplicity and flexibility of the game make it desirable to most.

A Skill Game

A game that does not really add to our skills is not very useful. That is another point where the classic rummy game scores. It is a game of skill and playing it regularly helps you in many ways. Firstly, the game requires you to arrange and organise the cards in proper order. This means an avid rummy player naturally grasps certain organising skills.

Apart from this, a good player in rummy needs to have good intuitive skills. He should be able to guess the move of the next player. This knack is developed by playing regularly. It is not always possible to get players to play with you offline. However, this is yet another problem resolved by online playing. Practice by playing many rounds of rummy online and master the art of good rummy playing.

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