If you think keeping a home or an office clean is a tough job, then imagine the difficulty of keeping a public space clean. Manually, the job is cumbersome and ineffective, and that is where the role of a vacuum cleaner (VC) becomes important.  Vacuum cleaners, today, can help with both wet and dry cleaning, and there are different types available in the market. The wet-cum-dry cleaning machines are very useful for both commercial and domestic locations.

Let us look at the top 7 uses of the wet-cum-dry VC.

1.      Domestic use

If you have children running around, fighting over a bottle of water, or simply playing with their food, the job of wiping the debris off the floor or furniture could be tiresome. But, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, you can clean liquid spills with ease. The normal machine is unable to suck in the liquid debris. Similarly, for wet debris on the window railings, a wet-cum-dry VC can clean the windows without leaving lint. This machine is a good investment because it can keep your surroundings clean.

2.     Inside railway compartments

Even the most careful of railway travelers will leave dry and wet debris on the floor of their railway compartment. Most of the railways today depend on manual cleaning but a wet-cum-dry VC can do a much better job. It can prove to improve the cleanliness standards of a much-used public transport system.

3.     In cinema halls

A much used-and-abused public place is the cinema hall. In the dark, as the show runs, it is impossible not to litter the floor with popcorn, remnants of juices, cola bottles, and all kinds of plastic debris. After the show, the staff uses vacuum cleaners to make the hall ready for the next show. Cleaning the floors and seats manually could be a hectic task due to the limited gaps between the show timings. You will find that the wet-cum-dry VC is an essential equipment for cinema owners.

4.    Industrial cleaning

Industries have a lot of wet and dry debris. Solvents can spill over on the floor. Machine parts like screws, nuts, bolts, and nails are strewn on the floors or hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Sweeping the floor daily can be one of the toughest jobs to do. It is better to have the wet-cum-dry VC do the clean-up job. This vacuum cleaner has a tremendous range and can help clean the walls, ceilings, sides of machines, etc.

5.     In Hospitals

Hospital staff has to deal with wet and dry waste and debris, without a break. Hygiene is of utmost importance and using manual methods may not be enough to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards. A wet-cum-dry VC is one of the most recommended equipment to use in waiting areas, patient rooms and doctor stations. These enable quick and efficient cleaning, without causing a disturbance to the people involved.

6.    Narrow waterways/pipes

Chances of dust and grime accumulating in the narrow water ways or pipes are a possibility. Using a sponge or a broom does not suffice. The wet-cum-dry vacuum cleaner is the right equipment for the job.

7.   Escalators

The escalators have tiny grooves where you will not be able to insert your fingers or brushes to clean. The wet-cum-dry VC has the capacity to suck out the most stubborn dirt and debris. This can enhance the life of the escalators.

Cleaning is an important job for all, and most people do not realize how difficult it can be. The above seven are just a few uses for a wet-cum-dry vacuum cleaner as they reach difficult and uncomfortable crevices and corners. Having one in your home or your commercial establishment has now become a necessity.

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