You are suffering from a migraine and as usual you will go to a medical store to get a medicine that will give you relief. Did you ever think of going to the doctor and get an acupuncture treatment? Of Course, you must not have thought about it. But, Acupuncture helps in relieving pain and is more preferred over medicinal treatments. Before we talk about the benefits of acupuncture, let us know what acupuncture is.

Acupuncture: The Boon For The Medical Industry

Acupuncture heals your body by inserting needles, or using heat therapy or giving electrical stimulation to the parts of the body suffering from pain. It helps the body to heal itself and thereby improves its functioning. The acupuncture treatment cannot be given to any part of the body; there are medians that are placed along the energy channels that run throughout the body.

How does the Treatment Work?

The most common way for the acupuncture treatment to work is improving the blood flow inside the body. The energy must flow through the meridians if you want your body to work properly.It helps in curing the hindrance that energy must face to travel through the body.The needles that are used for the treatment unblocks the energy path and allows the smooth flow through the meridian. The treatment can even correct the malfunctioning of the organs inside the body. According to the modern science, acupuncture points sends the signals to the nervous system requesting to release the chemicals in the spinal cord and the brain that alters the pain and also enhances the hormonal release that helps the body in regulating the system on its own.

Medical Acupuncture:

Nowadays, acupuncture is used along with the medical treatments to provide relief from the pain after the surgery or chemotherapy. The medical acupuncture can only be given by trained doctors as it is highly complex and risky.

In this type of acupuncture treatment, the doctor can either give you the conventional acupuncture treatment or-or use medical measures along with this treatment or can just use the medical treatment. It solely depends on the doctor that method he wants to use depending upon the condition of the patient. Medical acupuncture is used for improving health by preventing diseases. There is a myth that acupuncture can only be used for healing pain, but it has much broader benefits and applications that may help a patient to relieve himself from the discomfort.

Acupuncture can be used for a wide range of medical issue. Some of them are:

  • Respiratory Problems: People suffering from sinus, throat infection, asthma, breathing problems and reversing infections in the chest can help themselves by the acupuncture medical treatment.
  • Neurological malfunctioning: Low back pain, Sciatica, Shoulder displacement, neck pain, headaches and tendinitis are the nervous problems that acupuncture can heal.
  • Digestion disorders: People are suffering from gastric problems, acidity, diarrhea and constipation can get relief from acupuncture.
  • Menstrual disorders: Women who have a lot of problems in the menstrual cycle like irregularity, frequent bleeding, and pain can get relief by the acupuncture treatment. It also helps in the issues concerning reproductive system.
  • It helps in releasing stress and maintain emotional balance.

It is not necessary that acupuncture can show its effect in one seating you may have to get sessions. It varies from person to person. If a patient is suffering from acute pain, he may need fewer sessions, whereas, the patient suffering from chronic diseases may need frequent visits to the doctor to help him release his pain.

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