Today’s youngsters have no clue about the struggles of previous generations who didn’t have much choices and aids for studying. It was a whole different world without the internet, but at present, students have a lot to be thankful for with giant leaps being made in the field of science every day. Nowadays, life without technology seems unimaginable, especially when one can just click on Google to find the answer to every possible query under the sun. Here we discuss some of the major benefits that computers have rendered to the field of education.

1. E-Books:

The concept of reading books online has become quite popular with the young people who enjoy the novelty of browsing through thousands of books on a single screen. Moreover, downloading books over the internet is not only more efficient than going to a bookstore, but also considerably cheaper. In addition, there is a wide variety of book genres for individuals to choose from. All in all, E-books have inculcated the wonderful habit of reading among the youth who prefer modern mediums of learning over the standard ones. Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Glowlight are considered two best ebook readers in the world.

How Education Has Been Taken Over By Computers

2. Independent Learning:

Students no longer have to rely on instructors or pay large tuition fees to acquire knowledge. The internet has revolutionized the conventional method of learning, where a student is allowed to comprehend the depth of this world at their own pace and time. Students can also boost their memory power by playing several online educational games such as puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku and even pursue leisure activities such as board games and online casino games like at

3. Long Distance Education:

One of the major breakthroughs in education has to be the fact that one has access to educational resources from all over the world. Imagine not being able to get a degree because you have commitments that do not allow you to shift to another location to pursue higher studies or time constraints that do not permit you to attend each and every lecture at college. It seems both unfair and unthinkable. Long distance learning has made it possible for students and teachers, who cannot be in the same location at a time, to transcend these limitations and communicate with each other on the go.

4. Teaching Aids:

Computers have not only enriched the young minds but have also proven to be of extreme help to teachers assisting them in various teaching techniques. Teachers can now captivate their students’ attention by lectures imparted in shape of images, video clips, graphical representations, power-point presentations and much more. Also, teachers can make the most of this electronic layout to assign homework, projects, and notes to students without worrying about the hassle of printing and distribution.

5. Better Storage:

There comes a time for a teacher when there is no space left to accommodate all the assignments and term papers waiting to be checked. With numerous sections and plenty of students in every class it becomes a trouble for the professor to manage all the documents and they eventually end up losing track of one article or the other. The computer makes this job of the tutor very proficient by organizing the soft copies of all the data in specific files and folders. What is more, you don’t need to worry about any actual storage space and can access all your documents spontaneously at a click. And with the introduction of cloud services like GDrive and Dropbox, the job is even easier.

To sum up, computers have become more than just a necessity by being a support system that facilitates both the teachers and the students in accomplishing their tasks effectively in the best possible manner.