Recently unveiled Amazon Kindle Fire is the latest addition to Amazon Kindle family, however it is different altogether. In first glance, it doesn’t look like an android typical but a unique device. It looks all the expertise of Amazon has been brought into this tablet and that made it King of all Amazon devices. It really is an amalgamation of Kindle e-book, video, MP3 audio, and Amazon’s cloud drive, holding a very simple and unvarnished interface to it. Kindle Fire only comes in black color and weighs 14.6 ounces. Its battery life is about 7 hours as compared to the Nook color. Unfortunately, you can’t get this device now, as you have to wait till November 15 for its launch. But Amazon is accepting pre-orders for this device. A lot of people have already pre-ordered the gadget.


Amazon Kindle plays netflix with no 3G, so there is no monthly fees. It’s obviously very cheap ( $199) in the US. It certainly is a worthy iPad competitor. In fact, it is a great alternative to iPad as it is about $400 cheaper than the iPad. In addition, it is also smaller and more compact than the iPad.

It will use the new Amazon’s mobile browser, called Amazon Silk. An interesting feature of this browser is that it can predict where you will go next after leaving the current page and will pre-load the page for you. Amazon Silk is reliably a fast browser.

It may not be as good as many gadgets available, but it gives you all the things you want at one place.


The most apparent shortcoming it has is the fact that it only comes with 8 GB of storage space. It also doesn’t have expansion slot for more memory, which means you cannot store a lot of stuff onto it. So, you can get the fresh stuff from the Amazon Cloud only after deleting your old content. The Amazon video store is also limited, although it is still growing.


The people who are reporting Amazon Kindle Fire review have not even held it. So, all those people who are giving the Kindle Fire an ultimate rating are just trying to shoot the bull’s eye blindly. However, from the specs, it looks a cool affordable tablet. Amazon has really added some fire to its Kindle. It certainly is a hit on the web these days and expected to be a popular blog buster!

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