Have you ever experienced mobile signal problems? In general, there are various problems when the mobile phone experiences a disruption in the signal obtained, it can be seen from the type of tissue that is maybe not appropriate, or other problems resulting bad signal reception. Each case can be solved as long as the efforts of how to overcome the missing signal are really necessary. Actually, there are factors that make the signal reception weak, such as cell phone condition, phone settings, and the SIM card used. Let’s check out them below!

Network Settings – If there is an option on the phone please manually configure networking and select the type of GPRS / EDGE. Do not choose automatic network because it could be a kind of WCMDA networks which causes weak signal. Some areas can’t provide WCDMA networks, so if you are in these areas you may need to compromise with this situation by changing your signal reception type into EDGE or even GPRS.

Battery – Check the condition of your mobile phone battery. You can replace the battery as battery is one of causing factors of weak signal reception. This point is sometimes useful to solve signal reception problem, that’s why you need to check your battery in advance before going through some steps below.

Restore to factory settings – This method is usually done to rearrange the existing settings and delete some data like internal applications. This step can remove the virus from an installed application that lead to disrupt the phone’s performance in receiving cell signal. Remember that some applications contain dangerous virus that can disturb some phone’s functions, including what called phone’s ability to catch signals.

Reset- You can reset your phone to make all the software in a new condition as before. But remember that all installed applications will be removed permanently.

Use mobile signal booster- This tool can help you in receiving, amplifying, and transmitting the signal to some areas. You can choose some types of mobile signal booster and by buying online; you can save your time even your money. You can buy any kind of mobile signal booster from MyAmplifiers. You can visit its official website and find a lot of choices that can be adjusted with what your needs. You can also tell your parameters and they will help you quickly. In general, a mobile cell booster consists of two antenna types; external antennas and internal ones. The external antenna functions as signal catcher and the internal antenna functions as signal transmitter to preferred areas, such as room, office, or even laptop.

Mobile Phone Card- You can contact CS of the provider you use, can be done by phone, email, or social media such as Twitter. Certainly you will be questioned about your cell phone number, area, street address, up to what mobile phone type you are using.

By doing some tips above, I hope you can solve any of your mobile signal problems. Good luck!