Are you agonizing over whether to pick up an Apple TV or one of the many Android TV boxes out there? Here’s a quick list of features that will help you understand some of the more important benefits of picking an Android TV kit over its more antiquated yet overpriced counterpart:


The first and most obvious advantage of Android TV boxes is the ability to browse and install apps of your choosing on the device.

The Apple TV is focused exclusively on streaming content via wireless Internet access and from other Apple products. That’s basically it. Android TV devices, on the other hand, are capable of downloading various apps that you can grab off of the Google Play store. This allows you to customize your Android TV box as you see fit, from setting up calendars and to-do lists to installing games and puzzles to pass the time.


Speaking of games and puzzles, the average Android TV box is quite capable of downloading and running the many games you can find on the Google Play store.

Not only can you manipulate these games using the remote that typically comes with these devices, but you can also expand the gaming experience using a wireless Bluetooth controller or mouse & keyboard setup. These peripherals make it possible to enjoy varying gaming experiences on your TV box without limiting yourself to the usual point-and-swipe interface of touch-based devices.

Some of the higher-end Android smart TV boxes are veritable gaming consoles in their own right. They come with the processing power, the graphics capability, the RAM and the storage space to work with resource-intensive 3D Android games. You could even work with emulators that can run Nintendo and Xbox games on the more capable Android devices!

Apple TV Vs Android TV Boxes: How Android Wins This Round


The inner guts of the boxes – the hardware – is also a major selling point of Android TV boxes.

The Apple TV is, frankly, quite ancient. Even entry-level Android smart TV kits come with dual-core processors, while the Apple TV is still powered by a single-core processor. This significantly limits the capabilities of the Apple TV, making it a device ideal only for streaming content from other devices.

The additional hardware – the graphics processors, RAM, internal storage capabilities and external storage capabilities – allow Android-powered Internet TV boxes to get so much more done without the need for other phones, tablets or computers. The best part? The whole kit is priced similarly to – sometimes even less than – the Apple TV.

Price Point

Simply put, you will be paying a lot more and getting a lot less for the Apple TV – especially when you compare it to the robustness of your average Android TV box.

The Apple TV is a 99 USD device that is ideal for streaming content. That’s about it. For 99 USD, you can get higher-end Android TV boxes that can stream content, download apps, run apps, play games, play video files on the device itself – basically anything that you can do on an equivalent Android tablet or smartphone.

And here’s the kicker: if all you want to do is stream audio and video from Hulu, Netflix, HBO and the like, then you only need to spend less than 50 USD for a simple Internet TV box. You can still stream content on these devices – some of them simple sticks that are a fraction of the size of your usual Android TV box – but you still have the ability to install apps that you want and need.

Keep all these in mind and it will be much easier for you to see just how the Android TV boxes of today beat out the more expensive yet less-capable Apple TV!

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