We’ve all had one. That annoying coworker who likes to push our buttons. The one that likes to point out your mistakes and brush aside your accomplishments. That coworker that likes to pass off your work as their own. Their flaws come in all shapes and sizes but it’s something that nearly all of us have had to deal with at some point in our adult lives. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can help you get past these annoying faults and keep your workplace a safe and happy place. The key is to have effective communication and here are a couple tips to keep you communicating in a healthy way.

The Essentials Of Effective Workplace Communication

  • Talk, but also Listen
  • If there’s one thing that you’ll find won’t help you set aside your differences it’s talking but never listening. You’d be amazed at the things you hear when you actually stop and take the time to empathize and understand where another person is coming from. Sometimes it helps to write out your thoughts to give to someone and allow them time to read through it before responding. This prevents any of the overlap in conversations and may give you a fresh perspective (if you travel a lot, consider switching to a low cost mobile broadband provider like Mobi data to make sure you’re able to contact them whenever is necessary).

  • Give Feedback –Good and Bad
  • You may have already heard this suggestion, but try giving a ‘feedback sandwich.’ That means that instead of listing the areas that they did poorly with, you also give examples of where they did well. When they hear both the good and the bad, it sounds less like you’re giving them a rundown of all of their flaws and more like you’re genuinely trying to help. Think of how you would take what you’re suggesting and try to see it from their perspective. Send it through an email and it will give you time to put your thoughts into words.

  • Put away the Emotions
  • There’s a time and a place for emotions but in the workplace is definitely not it. If one or both of you starts to get aggressive or frustrated, put a pin in it and come back to it later. There’s no point in risking your career because of a heated argument and you’ll be sure to wind up in hot water if things escalate too fast. That’s something neither of you want.

There will always be people in this world that like to push your buttons and to be honest you might be one of them. But you certainly don’t want to take chances when it comes to your work. Workplace relationships differ a lot from other relationships because your coworkers have no obligation to like you, whereas your friends and family often do. Respect the differences of others and they’ll be sure to respect you as well. Treating people equally and fairly will always ensure a happy workplace for you and your coworkers.

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