Former capital of New Zealand, Auckland is a gathering of uneven rural areas, with shorelines incorporating a little yet cutting edge city that drops into a harbor loaded with water crafts. It has a laid-back vibe, so despite the fact that it’s the greatest city in New Zealand, there’s a town feel to it. Auckland is often overlooked by travellers, however, arts, food and delving your senses completely into the beach fronts are all great motivations to make you pick New Zealand’s greatest and most cosmopolitan city as your next travel destination.

Before looking for Delhi to Auckland flights, it’s important for you to do some homework and get the maximum information you can about this wondrous city. It surely will add a spark and make your sojourn comfortable, insightful, and of course memorable. Knowing a bit about a new place beforehand really helps, so read ahead to get the gist of what all has Auckland in store for you.

Places to Visit


The Skytower is ostensibly a standout amongst the most stunning attractions in all of New Zealand and can be found in the heart of Auckland. It is the most astounding structure in the Southern Hemisphere and ascends to a stature of 328 meters. On the summit of the tower itself, you can chill at the cocktail bar, a fine dining restaurant and the Sky Deck, all of which offer a 360-degree display of the city all around.

The Aotea Track at Great Barrier Island

The Great Barrier Island is an untainted heaven, a remote island where nature is at its best. ​It feels like a different universe altogether. You’ll be charmed by the stunning landscape of the island, which lies at the eastern edge of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. The Aotea track is a blend of simple strolling tracks, steep trips, stairways and extensions, and offers staggering perspectives. An ideal spot for nature lovers.

Rangitoto Islands

A characterizing highlight of Auckland’s geology, the Rangitoto Island offers explorers an opportunity to split far from urban life for an essence of the stunning wilderness. You can find blossoming forests of rough precipices, pohutukawa woodland, and beach front projections, heaps of volcanic fields and quaint caves to boot. Ships to Rangitoto Island leave consistently from the Auckland Harbor and the adventure takes roughly thirty minutes.

Hauraki Gulf Islands

Find tranquility in these islands lined with golden beaches, sip on the fine wine on the ‘island of wine’, or go kayaking, dolphin spotting or cruising. This particular place is an ideal spot for couples, or even if you are travelling solo. Cruise away your soul to a different dimension.

Mount Eden

Once the home of the Maori greens, Mount Eden is the most astounding point in the city of Auckland, that looks like a cone. This grass-clad ash cone presents some genuinely breathtaking broadside views of the Skytower and harbor, along with a few waterfalls and stunning rock cut monuments, apart from being a prominent sight for daily walkers, picnickers and art lovers.

No doubt, a trip to Auckland won’t pretty much fit inside your pocket, but once you reach and explore this heavenly place, every penny spent seems too small in front of what you have experienced. Also, you can try the various online travel portals and agencies where you might get cheap deals on Auckland flights. Anything for travelling, right?

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